(Telecinco,Origen) The tales of a 17th century adventurer and his sidekick. Budget: $22m.Dir/scr: Agustin Diaz Yanes, based on the novel by Arturo Perez Reverte.Shooting from March. Spanish.
Contact: Telecinco (34) 91 396 6902

Algo Habran Hecho
(Ibarretxe & Co, Dale Candela [Arg], OM Films [Fr]) Based on the true storyof a nun who was kidnapped and went missing in Buenos Aires in 1977. Prods:Eduardo Carneros, Maria Cabrejas, Olivier de Bannes. Ed: Luis Cesar D'Angiolillo.Music: Pablo Velez. Dir: Fernando Oscar Nogueira. Scr: Maria Cabrejas. Maincast: Jeanne Balibar, Itziar Lazkano, Dario Grandinetti, Pablo Echarry,Valentina Bassi. Shooting from December 2004 in Argentina.
Contact: Ibarretxe & Co, (34) 94 479 2120

Salvador Puig Antich (Provisional Title)
(MediaPro) Political-action tale. The last two years in the life of a politicalmartyr put to death at the age of 25 in a Barcelona prison at the tail end ofthe Franco era following years on the lam with a group of anarchists. Execprod: Jaume Roures. Dir: Manuel Huerga. Scr: Manuel Huerga, Lluis Arcarazo,based on novel Compte Enrere by Francesc Escribano. Spanish/Catalan.
Contact: MediaPro, (34) 93 476 1551

TheWhite Knight (Tirant Lo Blanc)
(DeAPlaneta, Carolina Films, Future Films [UK]) Medieval adventure tale. Intlsales: Arclight Films. Budget: Euros 13.6m. Dir/scr: Vicente Aranda, based onthe 15th century knight's tale Tirant Lo Blanc. Main cast: Victoria Abril, PazVega, Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Caspar Zafer. Shooting fromJanuary. Spanish.
Contact: DeA Planeta (34) 91 768 0309


The Aura (El Aura)
(Tornasol Films, Patagonik Film Group [Arg], Davis Films [Fr]) Psychologicalthriller about a taxidermist whose fantasies about how to commit the perfectcrime become reality. Dir/scr: Fabian Bielinsky. Main cast: Ricardo Darin,Dolores Fonzi, Pablo Cedro, Jorge D'Elia, Alejandro Awada. Shooting fromOctober 19 in Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 542 9564

Condom Express (Condon Express)
(Alquimia Cinema) Budget: Euros 2.4m. A night-in-the-life comedy. Prod:Francisco Ramos. Dir/scr: Luis Prieto. Cine: Hugo Colace. Art dir: SergioHernandez. Sound: Abbate & Diaz. Ed: Irene Blecua. Main cast: AntonioHortelano, Fernando Ramallo, Alejo Sauras. Shooting from September 27 in Spain and Argentina.
Contact: Alquimia Cinema, (34) 91 748 9040

The Feast Of The Goat (La Fiesta Del Chivo)
(Lolafilms, Future Films [UK]) Budget: Euros 8m.Drama. A woman returns to the Dominican Republic of her youth and must confronther family, including her aged father who was once a right-hand man to thedictator Trujillo. Prod: Andres Vicente Gomez. Exec prods: Guy Collins, MichaelRyan. Assoc prods: Jose Manuel Garasino, Albert Martinez-Martin. Dir: LuisLlosa. Scr: Llosa, Augusto Cabada, based on the novel by Mario Vargas Llosa.Cine: Javier Salmones. Art dir: Salvador Parra. Main cast: Tomas Milian, Isabella Rossellini, PaulFreeman, Juan Diego Botto, Stephanie Leonidas, Eileen Atkins, Steven Bauer.Shooting for 10 weeks from October 11 in Santo Domingo and Madrid.
Contact: Lolafilms, (34) 91 436 7400

The Gronholm Method (El Metodo Gronholm)
(Alquimia Cinema) Drama set against the world of multinational executiverecruiting. Prod: Francisco Ramos. Dir: Marcelo Figueras. Scr: Marcelo Figuerasand Mateo Gil, based on the stageplay by Jordi Galceran. Main cast: EduardoNoriega, Najwa Nimri, Eduard Fernandez, Ernesto Alterio, Carmelo Gomez, AdrianaOzores, Natalia Verbeke, Pablo Echarri. Shooting from Nov 8.
Contact: Alquimia Cinema, (34) 91 748 9040

The Last Wound (La Ultima Herida)
(Cre-Accion Films, Zeppelins PC) Dist: Lauren Films. Budget: E 640,000.Documentary. A look at people who lost their parents as children of the SpanishCivil War and are now mending the past by searching for their loved ones indiscovered common graves. Exec prod: Rodolfo Montero de Palacio. Dir/scr:Israel Sanchez-Prieto. Cine: Alberto Molina. Ed: Cristina Otero. Music: Mariode Benito. Shooting for 14 weeks during 6-7 months around Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Cre-Accion Films, (34) 91 457 6146

Love In Self Defense (Amor En Defensa Propia)
(MediaPro, Universal) Romantic comedy about two people whose lives are about tochange dramatically when they meet. Dir/scr: Rafa Russo. Main cast: AnaFernandez, Gustavo Garzon. Shooting from September 20. Spanish.
Contact: MediaPro, (34) 93 476 1551

The Man Who Came To A Village (El Hombre Que Llego A Un Pueblo)
(ABC Production-Barcelona, Axiom Film [UK], Capablanca Film [Arg]). Budget: E3.5m. A second-rate drug trafficker poses as a priest in a small village and,realizing the locals mistake him as a real priest, must decide whether to begina whole new life under this new identity. Exec prods: Robert Duvall, Eva Baro,Toni Sole. Dir/scr: Miguel Pereira, based on the novel of the same name byHector Tizon. Cine: Xavier Gimenez. Main cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Maria Botto,Claudia Coulter, Robert Duvall, Luciana Pedraza. Shooting for 8 weeks fromSeptember 15 in Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: ABS Production Barcelona, (34) 93 487 8436

A Midsummer Night's Dream (El Sueno De Una Noche De San Juan)
(Dygra Films, Appia Films [Port]) Budget: Euros 6m. Int'l sales: Lumina Films.Dist (Sp): Buena Vista. Animated film based loosely on Shakespeare about amagic world which finds itself in jeopardy when humans stop dreaming. Execprods: Manuel Cristobal, Manuel Gomez Santos. Dirs: Gomez Santos, Angel de laCruz. In production from August 2004 for a 2005 delivery. Spanish.
Contact: Dygra Films, (34) 91 521 3508

(Oria Films) Various individuals recollect through flashbacks their encounterswith loneliness, violence and ethnic identity. Dir/scr: Montxo Armendariz,based on the novel Obabakoak by Bernardo Atxaga. Main cast: Juan Diego Botto,Pilar Lopez de Ayala, Mercedes Sampietro, Eduard Fernandez. Shooting fromSeptember 13 to end of November. Spanish.
Contact: Oria Films, (34) 91 540 1157

The Outcome (El Desenlace)
(Atlantico Films) Dogme film about a movie director and producer whose darkpast comes to light during a film shoot. Exec prod: Pilar Sueiro. Dir/scr: JuanPinzas. Cine: Gerardo Moschioni. Music: Juan Sueiro. Sound: Wildtrack. Maincast: Jose Sancho, Beatriz Rico, Javier Gurruchaga, CarlosBardem, Miguel Insua, Isabel de Toro, Victor Rueda. Shooting from October 4 inGalicia. Spanish.
Contact: Atlantico Films, (34) 91 593 1781

(MediaPro, Reposado Producciones) Drama turning on the underworld ofprostitution in Spain. Dir/scr: Fernando Leon. Main cast: Candela Pena, MicaelaNevarez, Llum Barrera. Shooting from August 30. Spanish.
Contact: MediaPro, (34) 93 476 1551

The Secret Life Of Words
(El Deseo, MediaPro) Budget: Euros 4m. Int'l sales: Focus Features. A reclusivenurse is sent to an oil rig to attend to a man temporarily blinded by anaccident. Dir/scr: Isabel Coixet. Main cast: Tim Robbins, Sarah Polley, JavierCamara. Shooting from Nov 8. English.
Contact: El Deseo, (34) 91-724-8199

(Lolafilms) Comedy about a group of forty-somethings who reunite to fulfil therock-n-roll dreams of their shared youth in a then-successful band. Prod:Andres Vicente Gomez. Exec prods: Marco Gomez, Jose Manuel Garasino. Dirs/scr:Manuel Sanabria, Carlos Pocho Villaverde. Cine: Unax Mendia. Art dir: AntonLaguna. Ed: Jose del Peron. Main cast: Dani Martin, Amando del Rio, NanchoNovo, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Carlos Iglesias, Ana Alvarez, Jorge Sanz.Shooting from October. Spanish.
Contact: Lolafilms, (34) 91 436 7400

Small Lives (Vidas Pequenas)
(Alquimia Cinema) Budget: Euros 2m. Melodrama set in a trailer park. Prod:Francisco Ramos. Dir/scr: Enrique Gabriel. Cine: David Carretero. Art dir:Gabriel Carrascal. Music: Lucio Godoy. Ed: Teresa Font. Main cast: AnaFernandez, Angela Molina, Kity Manver, Roberto Enriquez, Fran Boira, Ruben Ochandiano,Maria Valverde. Shooting from November 8. Spanish.
Contact: Alquimia Cinema, (34) 91 748 9040

Volando Voy
(Sogecine, MediaPro) Drama based on the true story of a young man saved from alife of crime. Dir: Miguel Albaladejo. Scr: Miguel Albaladejo, Juan CarlosDelgado. Main cast: Fernando Tejero, Mariola Fuentes. Shooting from August 30to November 18. Spanish.
Contact: Sogecine, (34) 91 736 7400

(Azalea PC, Jet Films) Thriller about a man who returns to Spain after themysterious death of an old friend. Dir: Jose Antonio Vitoria. Scr: Vitoria,Pablo Olivares, Javier Olivares, based on the theater play De Las Cenizas byGuillermo Galvan. Main cast: Fernando Guillen Cuervo, Amparo Larranaga, MariaValverde. Shooting from October 18 to November 30 in Barcelona. Spanish.


7 Virgens (7 Virgenes)
(Tesela Producciones, La Zanfona Producciones) Dist (Sp): Alta Films. Ateenage boy confined to a reform centre is given a weekend leave to attend hisbrother's wedding and finds his life turned around. Exec prod: Jose AntonioFelez. Dir: Alberto Rodriguez. Scr: Rodriguez, Rafael Cobos. DP: Alex Catalan.Ed: Jose Manuel Garcia Moyano. Art dir: Javier Lopez. Main cast: Juan JoseBallesta, Vicente Romero, Jesus Carroza. Alba Rodriguez, Manolo Solo, AnaWagener, Julian Villagran. Shooting for 8 weeks from May 10 in Seville.Spanish.
Contact: Tesela Producciones (34) 91 367 6776

20 Centimetros
(Aligator Producciones, Estudios Picasso, Jet Films[Fr]). Exec prods: Iker Monfort, Carlos Batres, Jose Maria Calleja, Maria JosePoblador). A musical comedy starring a transexual with an impressive bodyfeature. Dir/scr: Ramon Salazar. Cine: Ricardo de Gracia. Art dirs: VictorMolero, Alex Prieto. Ed: Teresa Font. Music: Najwa Nimri. Main cast: MonicaCervera, Pablo Puyol, Pilar Bardem, Najwa Nimri, Antonia San Juan, Rossy dePalma. Shot from August to October.
Contact: Estudios Picasso, (34) 91 201 4200

The Amazing World Of Borjamari Y Pocholo (El Asombroso Mundo DeBorjamari Y Pocholo)
(Estudios Picasso, Amiguetes Entertainment, Apache Films) Budget: E 2.55m. Twothirty-something brothers still believe they are living their heydey of cooldespite that period having come - and definitively gone - in the 1980s. Cine:Teo Delgado. Art dir: Cesar Macarron. Music: Miguel Malla. Ed: Ivan Aledo.Dirs: Enrique Lopez Lavigne and Juan Cavestany. Scr: Juan Cavestany. Main cast:Santiago Segura, Javier Gutierrez, Pilar Castro. Spanish.
Contact: Estudios Picasso, (34) 91 201 4200

Ants In Your Mouth (Hormigas En La Boca)
(Cartel, Messidor Films, ICAIC [Cuba]) Budget: Euros 2.7m. A Spanish man goessearching in Havana, 1958, for his girlfriend who, eight years earlier, escapedwith a load of cash from a bank robbery for which the man was imprisoned. Execprods: Mario Pedraza, Marta Esteban. Cine: Javier Aguirresarobe. Ed: LuisManuel del Valle. Hair: Manolo Garcia. Wardrobe: Sonia Grande. Dir: MarianoBarroso. Scr: Mariano Barroso, based on the Miguel Barroso novel Amanecer conHormigas en la Boca. Shot inCuba and Barcelona for 9 weeks starting April 6. Spanish.
Contact: Cartel, (34) 91 654 2857

(Estudios Picasso, Star Line) Psychological thriller about the strangehappenings that plague a woman's otherwise normal suburban family life.Dir/scr: Daniel Calparsoro. Main cast: Ariadna Gil, Jordi Molla, Omar Munoz,Ignacio Perez, Mar Sodupe. Shot fromAugust 17. Spanish.
Contact: Star Line, (34) 91 426 3490

Birth Of A Passion: The Origins Of Football (El Nacimiento De UnaPasion: Los Origenes Del Futbol)
(Wanda Films, Transglobe Pictures) Documentary. A sweeping look at hundreds ofyears of the sport of football. Dir: Jesus Sanchez. Scr: Jesus Sanchez,Fernando Gonzalez. Exec prod: Jose Maria Morales, Javier Linares. Prods: JorgeLinares, Miguel Morales. Cine: Juan Carlos Gomez. Ed: Laura Casamayor delRincon. Distr (Sp): Wanda Vision. Shot for74 weeks in Spain, UK, France, Italy, China, Japan and Mexico. Spanish.
Contact: Wanda Films, (34) 91 352 8376

El Calentito
(Telespan 2000, Estudios Picasso) A 1980s-set film revolving around a punk rockgroup living the so-called "Movida Madrilena." Exec prod: Tomas Cimadevilla.Dir: Chus Gutierrez. Scr: Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Rubio. Cine: Kiko de la Rica.Art dir: Julio Torrecilla. Ed: Nacho Ruiz Capillas. Music: Tao Gutierrez. Main cast:Vernoica Sanchez, Ruth Diaz, Macarena Gomez, Juan Sanz, Jordi Jordi Vilches,Lluvia Rojo, Nilo Mur, Aitor Merino, Antonio Dechent, Marivi Bilbao, IsabelOrdaz. Shot for seven weeks fromJuly in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Telespan 2000, (34) 91 562 4532

(Filmax, Just Films) Terror. Anurse fights to keep safe the young patients of an isolated and seeminglyhaunted children's hospital. Exec prods: Julio Fernandez, Joan Ginard. Dir: Jaume Balaguero. Scr:Balaguero, Jordi Galceran. Cine: Xavi Gimenez. Art dir: Alain Bainee. Maincast: Calista Flockhart,Elena Anaya, Richard Roxburgh, Gemma Jones, Colin McFarlane and MichaelPennington. Shot for 9 weeks from August 30 inBarcelona and the Isle of Wight. English.
Contact: Filmax, (34) 93 263 2222

(Filmanova, TVG, Moneypenny Filmproduktion [Ger]) Comedy about how the languagebarrier can interfere with communication in a myriad of situations. Dir/scr:Hannes Stohr. Cine: Florian Hoffmeister. Maincast: Peter Scherer, Miguel de Lira, Luis Tosar,Victor Mosqueira, Marta Pazo, Megan Gay, Luidmila Tsvetkova, y el directorartistico, Andreas Olskausen. La montadora será Anne Fabini. Los productores dela pelicula son Sigrid Hoerner y Anne Leppin, por parte de Moneypenny, y AntonReixa, por Filmanova. Shot fromJune 9 in Spain, Russia, Turkey and Germany. Various languages.
Contact: Filmanova, (34) 981 160 188

Havana Blues (Habana Blues)
(Maestranza Films, ICAIC [Cu], Pyramide Productions [Fr]) Two young Cubanmusicians are given the opportunity to record a soundtrack for a Spanishproducer, an offer which will change their lives. Int'l sales: Flash Pyramide.Dist (Sp and UK): Warner Bros. Prods: Antonio Perez, Camilo Vives, FabienneVonier. Assoc prod: Ignacio Santamaria. Dir: Benito Zambrano. Scr: Zambrano,Ernesto Chao. Cine: Jean Claude Larrieu. Main cast: Alberto Yoel, RobertoAlvarez, Yailene Sierra, Tomas Cao. Shot for 9.5 weeks fromMay 18 in Cuba. Spanish.
Contact: Maestranza Films, (34) 95-421-0617

Heroin (Heroina)
(Tornasol Films, Continental Producciones) Based on the real-life struggle of awoman's fight against her own son's drug addiction and a trafficking cartel.Exec prods: Gerardo Herrero, Carmen de Miguel. Dir: Gerardo Herrero. Scr:Angeles Gonzalez Sinde. Cine: Alfredo Mayo. Art dir: Marta Villar. Ed: CarmenFrias. Main cast: Adriana Ozores, Javier Pereira, Carlos Blanco, Maria Bouzas,Mercedes Castro. Shot for 8weeks from May 31. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 542 9564

Honest People (Gente Honrada)
(Mate Production, DMVB [Fr]) Budget: E 4m.A man travels to Colombia to adopt a child for his employer but changeshis mind when he meets a woman during his trip. Exec prods: Mate Cantero,Thierry Forte. Dir/scr: Bob Decout. Art dir: Sylvie Delesmontey. Cine: ChiquiPalma. Music: Dominique Fournier. Make-up: Ana Lozano. Hair: JacquelineMayorga. Wardrobe: Isabel Merida. Main cast: Victoria Abril, Annie Girardot. Shot for 7 weeks from January 9 inParis and Bogota. French.
Contact: Mate Production, (34) 91 395 2254

Idiot Love (Amor Idiota)
(Els Films de la Rambla, Grandalla Cinematografica) Romantic tragic-comedyabout a man who becomes obsessed with a woman. Dist (Sp): Manga Films. Dir/scr:Ventura Pons. Cine: Mario Montero. Art dir: Bello Torras. Ed: Pere Abadal. Maincast: Cayetana Guillen-Cuervo, Santi Millan, Merce Pons, Marc Cartes, JordiDauder. Shot for 7 weeks fromJune 16 in Barcelona. Spanish.

Las Chicas Andan Sueltas
(Enrique Cerezo) Five young women living on the outskirts of Madrid will dowhatever it takes to get ahead and out of the hood. Dir: Juan Vicente Cordoba.Scr: Cordoba, Maria Reyes Arias. Cine: Teo Delgado. Art dir: Vicente Mateu.Sound: Antonio Camarasa. Ed: Pablo Blanco. Main cast: Natalia Verbeke, JuanaAcosta, Zay Nuba, Maria Vazquez, Marian Alvarez, Daniel Guzman, AndresGertrudix, Alfredo Villa. Shot for8 weeks from August 23 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Enrique Cerezo, (34) 91 512 0058

(Zebra Producciones, Iconica, Sintra Films [It], Future Films [UK]) Dist (Sp):Warner. Psychological thriller about a man in a love triangle with two womenwhere nothing is as it appears. Dir: Antonio Hernandez. Scr: Hernandez, EnriqueBraso. Main cast: Laia Marull, Angie Cepeda, Leonardo Sbaraglia. Shot for 9 weeks from July 26.Spanish.
Contact: Zebra Producciones, (34) 91 383 4025

Other Days Will Come (Otros Dias Vendran)
(Enrique Cerezo, Didac Films) Drama about a schoolteacher who falls in lovewith a 15 year-old student. Dir: Eduard Cortes. Scr: Cortes, Piti Espanol.Cine: Jose Luis Alcaine. Art dir: Carlos Zaragoza. Ed: Nacho Ruiz Capillas.Main cast: Cecilia Roth, Antonio Resines, Nadia deSantiago y Nacho Aldeguer. Shot from June 7 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Enrique Cerezo, (34) 91 512 0058

(Igeldo Komunikazioa) Budget: E 1.73m. A group of friends made up of threecouples live Spain's transition to democracy and societal changes of the early1980s. Exec prod: Angel Amigo. Dir: Federico Luppi. Scr: Susana Hornos. Artdir: Ion Arretxe. Cine: Hans Burmann. Make-up: Eva Alfonso. Hair: Ione Gabarain.Wardrobe: Eva Arretxe. Main cast: Ana Fernandez, Alberto Jimenez, GinesGarcia-Millan, Susana Hornos, Eva Cobo, Jordi Dauder, Pilar Rodriguez. Shot for 8 weeks from January 26 inLogrono and San Sebastian. Spanish.
Contact: Igeldo Komunikazioa, (34) 943 297 1876

Queens (Reinas)
(Warner Producciones) Ensemble comedy about five mothers dealing with their gaysons' weddings, the first gay weddings in Spain. Dir: Manuel Gomez Pereira.Scr: Joaquin Oristrell, Yolanda Garcia Serrano. Line prod: Jose Luis Escolar.Cine: Juan Amoros. Ed: Jose Salcedo. Main cast: Marisa Paredes, Carmen Maura,Veronica Forque, Mercedes Sampietro, Bettiana Blum, Gustavo Salmeron, UnaxUgalde, Hugo Silva, Paco Leon, Daniel Hendler, Raul Garcia, Tito Valverde,Lluis Homar, Jorge Perugorria. Shot fromAugust 17 to October 15 in Madrid. Spanish.
Contact: Warner Producciones, (34) 91 384 0600

Residencial Caribe
(Directo de Informacion y Divulgacion, Casen Producciones, ICAIC [Cu]) Comedyturning on Cuban and Spanish family members fighting for rights to aninheritance, highlighting differences between the two cultures. Dir: AngelPelaez. Scr: Hector Quintero. Cine: Tote Trenas. Art dir: Eduardo SanchezTorelli. Ed: Miguel A Santamaria. Music: Milladoiro, Miguel Nunez. Main cast:Pepe Sancho, Jordi Vilches, Broselianda Hernandez. Shot from September 2 to October 13 in Havana and Galicia.Spanish.

Rosario Tijeras
(Maestranza Films, Tafay 2000, Rosario Forever [Mex], Dulce Compania [Col])Budget: E 2.8m. Two friends find themselves wound into a violent context whenthey meet a beautiful young hit woman. Exec prods: Antonio Perez, EnriqueSarasola, Matthias Ehrenberg. Art dir: Salvador Parra. Cine: Pascal Marti. Ed:Ivan Aledo. Music: Alberto Iglesias. Make-up: Olga Turrini. Wardrobe: Elena Cardenas.Dir: Emilio Maille. Scr: Marcelo Figueras. Main cast: Flora Martinez, UnaxUgalde, Manolo Cardona. Shot inColumbia for 10.5 weeks starting Feb 24. Spanish.
Contact: Maestranza Films, (34) 95 421 0617

School's Out 2005 (Fin De Curso 2005)
(MorenaFilms, Films A Contrallum) Budget: Euros 1.85m. Two sectors of a graduatinghigh school class fight to raise more money and decide whether the end-of-termtrip will be a cultural tour of Paris or a wild party in Benidorm. Dir: MiguelMarti. Scr: Juan Carlos Rubio. Shot inSpain from August 11. Spanish.
Contact: Morena Films, (34) 91 700 2780

Semen: A Love Story (Semen: Una Historia De Amor)
(BocaBoca, Future Films (UK)) Budget: Euros 3m. A man falls in love with awoman trying to get pregnant and anonymously donates his sperm then proposesmarriage, only to find out the baby is meant for the woman's twin sister. Execprod: Cesar Benitez. Art dir: Luis Valles. Cine: Nestor Calvo. Make-up: JoseQuetglas. Hair: Sonia Grandes. Dirs/scr: Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman. Maincast: Leticia Dolera, Ernesto Alterio, Hector Alterio. Shot for 8 weeks from April 19. Spanish.
Contact: BocaBoca, (34) 91 566 1514

The Tempest
(ABS Production Barcelona, Kassander Film Company [Neth], Delux Productions[Lux], Veradia Film [It]) An expert in art authentification working torecuperate a stolen treasure uncovers more going on at a famous art museum.Dir: Paul Tickell. Scr: Juan Manuel de Prada, based on his novel. Cine: ReinierVan Brummelen. Art dir: Patrick Hoffmann. Main cast: Scott Williams, MalcolmMcDowell, Rutger Hauer, Natalia Verbeke. Shot from April 19 to June 23 in Luxemburg and Venice. English.
Contact: ABS Production Barcelona, (34) 93 487 8436

To Die In San Hilario(Morir En San Hilario)
(Castelao Productions) Comedy and magic realism mix in tale of the residents ofa small town which lives off its cemetery. Dir/scr: Laura Mana. Cine: JavierSalmones. Art dir: Balter Gallart. Music: Francesc Gener. Ed: Bernat Vilaplana.Main cast: Lluis Homar, Ana Fernandez, Ferran Rane, Ulises Dumont y JuanEchanove. Shot for 7 weeks from May 24 in Spain andArgentina. Spanish.
Contact: Filmax, (34) 93 263 2222

Un Rey En La Habana
(Iroko Films, Continental Producciones, Imagia Freelance) Distrib (Sp):Columbia. Comedy about a Cuban family scrambling to hold onto the money of arich Spaniard who marries the daughter then dies on their wedding night of anoverdosis of Viagra. Dir/scr: Alexis Valdes. Cine: Angel Luis Fernandez. Artdir: Berubin Jacome. Sound: Sergio Burman. Music: Edesio Alejandro. Ed:Guillermo Represa. Main cast: Alexis Valdes, Yoima Valdes, Alicia Bustamante,Jose Tellez. Shot for 8 weeksfrom July 5 in Cuba and Spain. Spanish.
Contact: Iroko Films, (34) 91 253 7292

The Wind (El Viento)
(Tesela Producciones) A humble man who has never left his small townmakes an emotion- and memory-laden trip to reunite with his granddaughter. Dir:Eduardo Mignogna. Scr: Mignogna, Graciela Maglie. DP: Marcelo Camorino. Artdir: Margarita Jusid. Main cast: Federico Luppi, Antonella Costa, Pablo Cedron,Mariana Briski, Esteban Meloni. Shooting from July 15 in Argentina. Spanish.
Contact: Tesela Producciones (34) 91 367 6776

The World's Longest Penalty (El Penalti Mas Largo Del Mundo)
(Tornasol Films, Ensueno Films) A man who plays stand-in goalie in athird-division football team sees his life turned around when he is slated toplay in a key game a week later. Dir/scr: Roberto Santiago, based on a story byOsvaldo Soriano. Main cast: Fernando Tejero, Marta Larralde, Maria Botto. Shot for 8 weeks from July 5 inMadrid. Spanish.
Contact: Tornasol Films, (34) 91 542 9564