Spain has selected Fernando Trueba’s drama Dancer And The Thief, Daniel Sanchez Arevalo’s comedy Fat People (Gordos) and Isabel Coixet’s drama Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo as its entries for the best-foriegn language film at the Academy Awards.

Trueba’s Dance And The Thief, which premieres at San Sebastian later this week, is set in Chile during the 1990s and follows a young man seeking revenge for his torture treatment under the dictatorship. Trueba previously won a foreign-language Oscar for his 1992 Franco era drama Belle Epoque.

Arevalo’s comedy Fat People (Gordos) is about overweight people trying to overcome emtional problems while coping with prejudice. It stars Antonio De La Torre and Raul Arevalo and was well received at Venice last week. Coixet’s Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo, about a contract killer leading a double life, was in competition at Cannes.

The official submission deadline for foreign–language films is October 1.