The Spanish Film Institute (ICAA) plans to prohibit distributors from giving theatrical premieres to any non-EU film which has not previously premiered in its home country.

This measure, intended to filter out mostly US made-for-TV and video product, could go into effect within the next month, according to ICAA director Jose Maria Otero.

It forms part of a package of new measures to improve the performance of Spanish films in their domestic market.

The ICAA also plans to reward exhibitors who keep Spanish films up on screens for more than 18 days by counting each day after 18 as double, thereby facilitating compliance with the country's screen quota system of one day of EU cinema for every three of non-EU cinema.

Otero says the ICAA is also considering the proposal of a commission of local producers, distributors and exhibitors to prohibit exhibitors from taking local films off screens before they gross a minimum amount - not yet defined - at the box office.