UK-Spanish co-production Sexy Beast has finally secured distribution in Spain with Hispano Foxfilm in a deal negotiated through Fox in the US.

Jonathan Glazer's gangster film starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley did good business for Fox Searchlight in the US this summer, earning $5.97m in nine weeks on less than 200 copies.

Despite that success and screenings in Sundance and Toronto, co-producers Film Four, Recorded Picture Co and KanZaman had trouble pinning down a distributor in Spain with the potential to give the film a wide release.

KanZaman producer Mark Albela says there were likely concerns that it was too British: "It's a very English film - it's English language and it's cockney, and it's a very English subject." Beast will be dubbed for the Spanish market which, as Albela suggests, should boost its potential among local audiences.