Spanish title 4th Floor (Planta Cuarta) and Clint Eastwood's Mystic River were the only two repeat releases in the local top 10 to improve their performance this weekend. A drama with strokes of comedy about a group of teenage boys getting by as best they can in a hospital cancer ward, BVI release 4th Floor took in Euros 677,206 off 131 copies for a cumulative Euros 2.16m.

Also through BVI, Spanish comedy Football Days (Dias De Futbol) held its position at four. Now on its ninth weekend out it grossed Euros 544,619 off 211 copies for a massive cumulative of Euros 9.87m. Another new Spanish release, comedy Excusas!, did not fare as well, ranking 16th for distributor Manga on a healthy 99 screens with just Euros 136,414.

In first and second positions were Warner Bros' Matrix Revolutions and UIP's Intolerable Cruelty, with Euros 2.05m off 475 prints and Euros 686,328 off 234 copies, respectively. New releases Grudge from UIP and Columbia's Hero ranked 5th and 6th, with just under Euros 500,000 each.