UIP's Love Actually opened to 282,029 spectators in Spain this weekend, taking Euros 1.4m - far short of the biggest openers in the territory, but enough to place it in first position over the weekend. The British romantic comedy went out on a wide 288 copies.

Meanwhile, on 466 prints in its third weekend, Warner Bros' Matrix Revolutions placed third with just Euros 983,604 for a cumulative Euros 9.86m. Above Matrix was Columbia's new Tears Of The Sun, which took in just over Euros 1m on 242 screens.

Local hit Football Days (Dias De Futbol) passed the Euros 10m mark in its 10th weekend out. Spanish title 4th Floor (Planta 4a) held 4th position in its 4th weekend, earning Euros 575,036 off 131 prints for a cumulative Euros 2.86m.

The only other new release to make the charts over the weekend was Spanish title The Best That Can Happen To A Croissant (Lo Mejor Que Le Puede Pasar A Un Croissant), which ranked 10th with Euros 293,048 earned off 157 copies.