Spanish production company Alokatu has oulinedits forthcoming projects to ScreenDaily, including Carlos Saura's Spanish civil war drama Monsieur Paco.

Producer JoseMaria Lara's Madrid based Spanishproduction outfit's previous productions include Santiago Aguilar and Luis Guridi's comedy drama Justino; Mercedes Alvarez'documentary El Cielo Gira; and Pedro Aguilera's debut feature La Influencia.

Alokatuhas four new projects on it's slate: Carlos Saura's Monsieur Paco; La Rabia De Los Angeles byDaniel Calparsoro ;Pedro Aguilera's Naufragio; and Los Caminos De La Memoria from Jose-Luis Penafuerte.

Monsieur Paco

Carlos Saura has just completed the second version of the script for Monsieur Paco.

The film tells the story of Francisco Serrano Velez, otherwise known as Paco, and his Spanish republican companions who are forced to flee the dictatorship of General Franco and travel to France following the Spanish civil war.

Casting is currently underway with Alokatu's first choice being Oscar Jaenada (Guerrilla) for the role of Paco.

Other names considered for the remaining roles include Alex Angulo (Pan's Labyrinth), Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) and Felix Gomez (Summer Rain).

Alokatu is also looking for financing for the film.

La Rabia De Los Angeles

Other Alokatu projects in the pipeline include Daniel Calparsoro's thriller La Rabia De Los Angeles.

La Rabia De Los Angeles is the story of a prostitute, Maria (played by Patricia Vico), who loses her memory following a violent attack and tries with the help of a suicidal lover, Angel (Andres Gertrudix) to remember what happened. The script was penned by Calparsoro.

Alokatu is looking for further funding for La Rabia De Los Angeles having already obtained money from the Basque government, the ICAA, ETB (Euskal Telebista) and TVE.

Alokatu is currently in talks with Bavaria Film International to handle sales and Hispano Fox to handle distribution in Spain.


Alokatu is also developing a new film from Pedro Aguilera (La Influencia) titled Naufragio about the persecution of an illegal immigrant from Africa living in Spain.

'Illegal immigration is one of the most serious problems in Spain,' said Pedro Aguilera. 'Thousands arrive here hoping for a better future which doesn't exist. Many die on the journey and several are forced to return to their home countries.'

Alokatu has already obtained funding from the ICAA and ETB for Naufragio and is looking to shoot the film between the spring and summer of 2009.

Los Caminos De La Memoria

Finally, Alokatu has just started shooting the documentary Los Caminos De La Memoria from director Jose-Luis Penafuerte, which recounts life under General Franco.