Leading Spanish production outfit Vaca Films will follow the huge success of their prison drama Cell 211 with the $5m thriller Nowhere, to be written and directed by Manuel Sanabria.

Currently in development, Nowhere (En Ningun Lugar) will be about a private detective called Jorge Rojo who normally investigates infidelities and drug dealers, but one day is drafted in to search for a young woman who mysteriously vanishes as she is writing a thesis on women that have disappeared. The detective then gets drawn into the murky crime world of organ dealers.

Emma Lustres and Borja Pena of Galicia-based Vaca Films will produce the project, which is at the final script stage and they plan to shoot it on location in Galicia with major Spanish actor Raul Arevalo (DarkBlueAlmostBlack, Summer Rain) potentially taking a leading role.

Director Sanabria’s debut feature La Fiesta, which he also wrote and co-produced, took $2m in Spain through Walt Disney Motion Pictures International (then BVI) back in 2003, and was followed by the drama Sinfin in 2005, co-produced by Lolafilms.

Vaca Films scored huge success last year with Daniel Monzon’s prison drama Cell 211, starring Luis Tosar, which made $20m at the Spanish box office through Paramount, picked up eight Goya awards and sold worldwide. The film was co-produced with Morena Films, Telecinco Cinema and France’s La Fabrique 2, and saw Alberto Amman play a newly recruited prison guard forced to confront a riot led by Tosar’s character on his first day of work.