Spain's Filmax has closed remaining territories on Jaume Balaguero's Darkness and closed the first sales on the director's highly-anticipated follow-up, Fragile.

Darkness has sold to Germany (Splendid Film) and remaining territories in Latin America including Mexico (Videocine Quality Films), Brazil-Colombia-Peru-Bolivia-Ecuador (Consorcio Europa) and Argentina-Paraguay-Uruguay-Chile (CDI Films). Other territories sold include Israel (Noah Communications) and Czech Republic-Slovakia-Hungary (Best Hollywood).

Fragile, which is being prepped for an April 2004 shoot, has pre-sold to several of Darkness's distributors including Pyramid (CIS), Mongkol (Thailand), Spentzos (Greece) and Gulf Film (Middle East).

"These companies supported us with Darkness and other films and they will always be given priority," says Antonia Nava, Filmax International's SVP of sales and co-production.

"Fragile has raised enormous interest since its announcement and we are strategizing future sales around casting and the script's final draft, which will be finalised by the end of the year."