Filmax began principal photography Monday on Brad Anderson's The Machinist, a 100% Spanish production shooting for eight weeks in Barcelona.

The English-language film stars Christian Bale (American Psycho), Jennifer Jason Leigh (ExistenZ), Aitana Sanchez-Gijon (I Am Not Scared), John Sharian (Saving Private Ryan) and the young Matthew Romero.

The story turns on a factory worker whose acute insomnia leads him to suffer disturbing hallucinations. When he is involved in an accident in which another employee loses an arm, he insists fellow worker Ivan is guilty. The trouble is, nobody else can see Ivan.

Filmax closed a series of pre-sales on the title at Cannes alongside other titles in its forthcoming slate of genre films including Jaume Balaguero's Fragile, Brian Yuzna's Rottweiler, Beneath Still Waters, The Nun and Paco Plaza's Romasanta.