Spanish director Jose Luis Garci begins production on April 24 on You're The One, his follow-up film to 1998 Oscar nominee The Grandfather (El Abuelo).

Lydia Bosch (Al Limite), Juan Diego (Between Your Legs), Fernando Fernan Gomez (All About My Mother) and Ana Fernandez (Solas) are set to star in the film, about a woman's search for peace after suffering an emotional crisis.

You're The One, a Spanish-language project despite its English title, will shoot for seven weeks in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. Garci and Horacio Valcarcel wrote the script. Luis Maria Delgado is the executive producer. Columbia, which handled The Grandfather, is likely to distribute the film locally.

A consummate cinephile who also produces, publishes a film magazine and hosts a weekly programme dedicated to classic cinema, Garci has been nominated for four Academy Awards. He won the Oscar for best foreign film in 1982 for Beguin The Beguine (Volver A Empezar).