Spain's youth-oriented International Cinema Jove Film Festival closed its 16th edition this weekend with top awards going to Iranian feature film Sanam and Danish short 2 Juledag.

The festival, which takes place in the Mediterranean coastal town of Valencia, awarded the Valencian Moon prize and $16,500 (PTS3 million) to director Rafa Pitts for Sanam. The film is Pitt's second feature, following 1998's Cinquieme Saison, which also won Jove's top award.

Dedicated to films made by directors aged 35 or under, the festival also gave special mentions to Berlin Is In Germany, by director Hannes Stohr, and Pablo Stoll and Uruguayan Juan Pablo Rebella's 25 Watts.Spaniard Rodrigo Cortes, director of short film 15 Dias, was granted the Studio Universal Filmmaster award, which will place Cortes in a 15-day internship at Universal Studios' LA headquarters.