Spain'sLauren Films has picked up local distribution rights to Berlin opening title,Regis Wargnier's Man To Man.

Itis one of the first new pick-ups revealed by Lauren founder and chairmanAntonio Llorens as he works to turn the page on the company's recent financialtroubles.

Once one of the largestSpanish distributors with a lengthy arrangement with Miramax Films, Laurenfiled for credit protection in June 2004 - six months after Miramax announcedthat it would release its films through BVI in Spain.

Llorenssays he acquired the anthropological epic, sold internationally by Wild Bunch,based on a word-of-mouth recommendation that it promises "everything a movieshould have - adventure, emotions, an intriguing story."

StarringJoseph Fiennes, Kristin Scott Thomas, Iain Glen, Hugh Bonneville and FloraMontgomery, the film is set in South Africa in the 1870s and follows the searchfor the so-called "Missing Link" - the connection between man and ape muchdiscussed by scientists in the 19th century.

Llorenswill attend the European Film Market in Berlin next week.