Major Spanish producer Andres Vicente Gomez through his outfit Lolafilms has optioned the film rights to the best selling Spanish thriller trilogy series The Dark Door (La Puerta Oscura), written by David Lozano.

The first book called The Traveller (El Viajero) sees a 16-year-old Spanish kid called Pascal living in Paris arrive at a Halloween party with friends only to enter the world of the dead through a Dark Door, which is where his adventures begin. The other two books The Evil (El Mal) and Requiem are a continuation of his journeys.

The books have proved hugely popular in Spain since the first one was released in 2008 and have been sold to several other countries as well, and been translated into German and Italian. 

Author Lozano hopes the books will be made into three separate films. Lozano tells Screen the budget for the first film in the trilogy will be $16m (€12m), and is expected to be around the same for the following two as well. French outfit Cinema Art will also be joining the projects as co-producers.

“We have bought the option rights to the Dark Door trilogy and at the start of the year we will make up our minds as to what to do with them,” Gomez told ScreenDaily.

Gomez is considered to be one of the best producers in Spain having worked with several major local directors over the last 30 years, including Fernando Trueba (Belle Epoque), Alex De La Iglesia (The Day Of The Beast), Bigas Luna (Jamon, Jamon) and Pedro Almodovar (Matador). 

Shooting is set to be in English and will take place at Spanish film studios and various locations around Paris.