New company MPC has launchedin Spain with the objective of producing and acquiringcontent for multiple platforms.

The name, which stands for"Multi Platform Content," belies the company's starting objectives: to produceand acquire content with crossover potential in cinema, television, internetand mobile phones.

"We've been talking about'convergence' for ten years but now it's really going to happen," says MPCchief Juan Riva de Aldama, former general director ofAntena 3 and New Media at TelefonicaMedia.

The company, which is backedby unnamed private investors mostly from within the industry, aims to producean annual three to four feature films in the $7.5m-$12.6m (Euros 6-10m) rangewith a clear international profile, meaninglikely with foreign partnersand potentially in the English language.

However, MPC'sfirst feature will be atypical: 50% co-production Nobody Says It's Easy (Nadie Dice Que Es Facil), Argentinedirector Juan Taratuto's $2.9m (Euros 2.3m) follow-upto local hit It's Not You It's Me (No Sos Vos, Soy Yo),which started shooting in Buenos Aires on Monday.

Productions for televisionwill emphasize "small, cheap entertainment formats with possibilities forinternet and mobile phones," Riva de Aldama says. Anagreement has already been reached with Telefonicamobile phone provider Movistar on a five-minuteseries. International acquisitions will initially focus on products for TV.

Alfonso Castillo, formerlywith Enrique Cerezo PC, will oversee cinemaactivities, while former Cellus Espanadirector Dennis Neiman will head mobile content and previous Telecinco documentary writer-director Carlota Nelson willoversee the television division.