At least four top executives have departed from Spanish pay DTT platform Quiero TV, casualties of a top-down restructuring by majority shareholder Auna (Retevision).

Director of contents Gino Nattaliccio, director of institutional relations Angel Martin Vizcaino, communications director Eva Tormo and marketing director Mishka Harnden left their positions at Quiero last week. The changes have not yet been officially announced by the platform.

Sources at Quiero say that Auna has "taken a greater role in the day-to-day operations" of the platform, resulting in a restructuring of the executive staff. The same sources suggest that the changes will not affect Quiero's long- or short-term strategy.

Auna is taking over the reigns while powerful minority shareholder Grupo Planeta appears to be pulling back from the platform. Planeta, which led the creation and development of Quiero in its start-up phase, including the platform's May 2000 launch, recently announced it would not participate in a $63.2m (pts12bn) capital amplification at Quiero.

In April, Planeta president Jose Manuel Lara Bosch stepped down from his parallel position as president of Quiero.

The platform says new executive placements could be announced as early as next week.