Spanish producer Star Line, producer of Berlin Panorama entry Bear Cub (Cachorro), is looking to repeat its two-fold production success of 2003 with its new slate for 2004.

Following on the coattails of Bear Cub and the company's big-budgeted international production Carmen, Spain's third top-grossing local film last year, Star Line is preparing one new genre project and another ambitious "femme fatale period piece" for 2004.

The first, The Absent (Ausentes), is a terror film from cult director Daniel Calparsoro (Asfalto, Guerreros) turning on the strange occurrences that plague a woman's otherwise apparently normal suburban family life, planned for an August shoot.

The second, The Princess Of Eboli (La Princesa De Eboli), is an estimated Euros 8m period piece about the rumoured love triangle between the Princess, Spain's 16th century King Felipe II and the King's assistant Antonio Perez.

Veteran Imanol Uribe (Numbered Days, Carol's Journey) is attached to direct Princess, while Ignacio del Moral, co-scripter of Fernando Leon's Monday's In The Sun, is writing the script for a September shoot.

Star Line chief Juan Alexander says he will seek international co-producers on Princess. "It is the only way to get a film of these characteristics made in Spain right now." The UK's Parallel Pictures and Italy's Planet Pictures backed Carmen, which is sold internationally by Kevin Williams Associates.