Spanish director Gerardo Olivaresl is set to begin shooting drama Entre Lobos on location in Sierra Cordoba in October.

A majority of the film, which is based on the true story of  a young boy forced to fend for himself, will be shot in the region.

Local production and distribution outfit Wanda Films is co-producing the $6.4m (4.5m euros) film with Germany’s Sophisticated Films and the newly launched company Arakao. It is also supported by the Cordoba government and film office. Wanda will also handle the Spanish distribution.

Entre Lobos, which translates literally as ‘among wolves’, will tell the story of  Marcos Rodriguez Pantoja, who was sold by his family to tend goats in a remote village in the Sierra de Cordoba, Andalusia. Following the death of the goatherd he worked with, he befriends wolves and lives in cave for 12 years before being rescued aged 19 years old. Olivares has created an older brother for the fictionalised version of events.

Juan Jose Ballesta (El Bola, 7 Virgens), one of Spain’s leading young actors, will play Marcos as an older boy after his rescue. The two young boys will be played by local actors from Cordoba. Other cast members include Carlos Bardem (Che: Part 2, Goya’s Ghosts) and Sancho Gracia.

Wanda also produced Olivares’ previous film 14 Kilometers.