Spain'sZebra Producciones andMiguel&William Producciones are developing a Euros 8m period comedy thatasks the question what if Cervantes and Shakespeare had met'

Titled Miguel &William, the feature will pull close to 10% of its budget from the public agencyDon Quijote de la Mancha 2005, set up by the Spanish government to celebratethe 400th anniversary of the publication of the Cervantes classic in1605.

The film is the onlyaudiovisual project supported by the agency and is scheduled to go in front ofcameras in February 2006,

Ines Paris, one half of theMy Mother Likes Women writing-directing team, wrote the screenplay and willdirect the tale of a free-thinking young woman who wins the hearts of both 16thcentury masters.

Juan Luis Galiardo, whoplayed Quijote in Manuel Gutierrez Aragon's 2002 film adaptation, will playCervantes.

The project will beofficially unveiled in Toledo on Friday.