Responding to local producers' calls for broadcasters to make public their investment in Spanish films, public broadcaster Television Espanola (TVE) announced that it expects to pump as much as Euros 25m into free-to-air film rights in 2002.

TVE provided a list of 40 feature films, 15 documentaries and one animated film to which it has committed a global sum of Euros 22.4m this year. Almost half of the feature films listed are still in development or pre-production, meaning the anticipated overall Euros 25m investment should have a positive effect on 2003 production levels.

In September, Spanish Producers' Federation (FAPAE) president Eduardo Campoy accused the Spanish government of hiding figures from broadcasters concerning their investments in local film product. Campoy suggested a serious drop in production would begin to be seen in the months to come, in part due to acquisitions cutbacks at broadcasters, especially the likely-to-merge pay TV platforms.

Summarising its recent annual investments in Spanish cinema - Euros 14.9m in 42 titles in 1999, Euros 18.9m in 56 titles in 2000 and Euros 24.8m in 55 titles in 2001 - TVE made specific reference to fulfilment of its agreement with FAPAE to invest an annual Euros 18m in domestic product.

The broadcaster also confirmed its completion of the country's new July 2001 Cinema Law requiring broadcasters to invest 3% of their annual income -- or 60% of the existing 5% EU requirement -- in Spanish films.