Domestic productions continue to hold their own at the Spanish box office. Last week, two Spanish films opened in the top ten, one of which - Aurum Producciones' teen horror flic The Art Of Dying (El Arte De Morir) - nabbed the number two spot, beaten only by awards-laden American Beauty.

The Art Of Dying (pictured) grossed $768,757 (PTS134,532,516) in the week to April 6. By April 10 it had racked up $1.3m (PTS225m) making it the highest grossing Spanish release so far for 2000. The film was given a wide release for a Spanish title on 179 screens.

The second domestic opener, Yoyes, a drama inspired by the real-life story of a murdered Basque nationalist, clinched the number nine spot with $260,651 (PTS45,614,000) from only 10 screens. The film, released by Columbia TriStar Films de Espana, scooped a per screen average of $26,065 (PTS4,561,400), nearly five times higher than American Beauty, which took a per screen average $5,603 (PTS980,603) from 214 screens.