Spain's government has extended the application period for new radio and TV licences until July 3, reportedly in an attempt to motivate competitors to form joint consortia.

The original filing period for the new five-year licences, due to be awarded by November 30, ended Friday, June 2. The entry of two new free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) operators will greatly expand Spain's television offer and increase already stiff competition for content and advertising.

Two groups are rumoured to be competing for the new DTT licences - Net TV and Veo TV. Net TV is backed by publisher Prensa Espanola, production houses Globomedia, Europroducciones and Cartel, French broadcaster TF1 and Portuguese broadcaster SIC. Veo TV is spearheaded by publishing houses Recoletos and Unidad Editorial and reportedly led by former Telefonica executives Pedro Perez, Javier Revuelta and Andres Tejero. Backers of existing TV platforms cannot compete for new licences.