Cinema is the last thing on anyone's mind in Spaintoday. The media sector responded to yesterday's terrorist attacks withthe same solemnity and solidarity that has characterised national - andinternational - response to the tragedy.

Spain awoke Thursday morning to news that ten bombs hadexploded on four packed commuter trains travelling into the capital city atrush hour, causing close to 200 deaths and thousands more injured. Three daysof national mourning were called and political candidates cancelled campaigningin the final countdown to the country's general elections Sunday.

Many unglued themselves from round-the-clock TV coverageonly to attend impromptu demonstrations in Madrid, Bilbao and elsewhere.Responding to a call by the Exhibitors' and Distributors'Federations, cinemas closed their doors Thursday evening and were expected todo the same all day Friday.

Most distributors decided not to postpone weekend releasesalthough some said they had considered it and anticipate results to lag farbehind what they would otherwise have been on heavyweight premieres such asBuena Vista International's Hidalgo,Warner's Alex & Emma,UIP's Along Came Polly andColumbia's The Missing.

El Deseo called off promotional activities - except a pressscreening next Tuesday - in advance of next week's premiere of PedroAlmodovar's hotly anticipated Cannes opener Bad Education (La MalaEducacion).

Almodovar and staff - and a likely majority of theindustry - plan to attend the mass anti-terrorist demonstration calledfor Friday evening in Madrid. The Spanish Producers' Federation FAPAEcalled on media professionals to fill the 'front line' atFriday's demonstration.

FAPAE further suggested all shoots be paralysed for the day.Among films currently shooting in Spain are KanZaman's H6, Filmax's Rottweiler and Infinity Films' The Birthday. KanZaman released its own statement confirming thatMadrid production on H6 would naturally come to a halt Friday.

'We are professionals of the film industry, our job isto create dreams, invent stories and entertain, but in the face of suchabsolute evil, the only appropriate response seems to us complete andrespectful silence,' the KanZaman statement read.