Pedro Costa and Enrique Cerezo, the co-producers behind Eduard Cortes' Nobody's Life (La Vida De Nadie) and last year's Spanish nomination to the foreign language Oscar, Mad Love (Juana La Loca), are prepping two new feature films, including Cortes' next project.

Cortes and Nobody's Life co-scripter Piti Espanol are currently writing the provisionally titled Alicia, based on the true story of a schoolteacher who fell in love with and had two children with her 14-year old student. The film is planned for a late 2003 shoot in Barcelona.

The second project, Flying Saucers (Platillos Volantes), is in pre-production for a January shoot in Barcelona. The Euros 2.1m tragicomedy about two men in 1970's Spain who commit suicide in order to convene with extra-terrestrials and solve the world's political problems is also based on real events. Angel de Andres Lopez (800 Bullets) and Jordi Vilches (Krampack) will star for writer-director Oscar Aibar (Atolladero).

Costa said he and Cerezo also co-produce at least two made-for-TV movies per year. "You have to collaborate in today's market; it's very difficult to be independent," he said.

Nobody's Life premiered at the Valladolid International Film Week, where co-star Adriana Ozores picked up a best actress award. The film was one of three gala screenings at last week's Spanish Film Screenings of Lanzarote.