Spanish distributor Notro Films introduced its debutco-production over the weekend, one of seven new feature films unveiled in aProjects Forum organised by the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga (April 22-30).

The Notro co-production is Albert Serra's ultra-low-budget,Catalan- language Quixotic (Honor De Cavalleria). "We placed emphasis on the poetry, the atmosphere -precisely those elements not typically seen in literary adaptations,"Serra said of his own quixotic, privately- financed project.

Notro co-founder Adolfo Blanco, who is on the jury at Malagathis edition, confirmed his company will also begin shooting its second featurebefore year-end.

The Jacobo Bergareche-scripted Lavapies is a "social comedy" about a woman whofinds the extra cash she needs to buy an air conditioner by subletting a roomin her downtown Madrid flat to a drug-trafficking immigrant.

The Projects Forum epitomises the role of the Malagafestival for the local industry, which turns out in force for the event. Inaddition, the three-day Market Screenings, which began on Sunday, screenfestival competitors and other Spanish features for an expected 60international buyers.

Animation producer Dygra Films presented first footage fromits much- anticipated Midsummer Dream inMalaga. Dygra unveiled the Spanish cast for the film, which includes popularcomedic actor Gabino Diego (Belle Epoque). UK-based sales handler Lumina Films will present the Spanish versionto buyers in Cannes with English subtitles, preceded by a trailer for the Englishversion whose cast includes Miranda Richardson and Rhys Ifans.

Among the other films in the Projects Forum are the newfeature from Oscar-winning director Jose Luis Garci, Ninette, an adaptation of Miguel Mihura's theatre playabout an older man who falls in love with a younger woman, backed byheavyweight DeA Planeta; and Sigfrid Monleon's three-person characterstudy Rodando, starring PilarBardem and Sancho Gracia and shooting from May 16 for Wanda Vision, Fenix andIndigo Media.