The Spartan army conquered a further 12 territories at the weekend as 300 reeled in $30.8m, bringing its total international spoils to a ferocious $126.4m after four weeks. UK comedy Mr Bean's Holiday jumped up to number two and generated $29.2m in the three-day period after opening in a further 23 territories, grossing more than $12.6m in the UK alone. New entry Meet The Robinsons took $9.4m in its first weekend from 22 territories and Bridge To Terabithia was boosted by 269% as it grossed $4.5m at the weekend after opening in France. And Korean flick Small Town Rivals entered the chart with a bang, generating $3.1m from 325 screens in its home territory. Oscar-nominated Notes On A Scandal and thriller The Messengers both re-entered the chart this weekend, grossing $1.2m and $1.5m respectively.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend March 30-april 1
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)300 (US)$30,864,8314936$126,436,57744
2(4)Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr)$29,282,6643085$36,503,82226
3NewMeet The Robinsons (US)$9,417,0003519$9,417,00022
4(31)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$4,519,8661818$20,134,41316
5(3)Music And Lyrics (US)$4,250,2232309$74,488,99842
6(2)Norbit (US)$3,657,6992122$48,934,58534
7(8)Night At The Museum (US)$3,415,6611388$310,486,94116
8(7)TMNT (US-HK)$3,411,3381397$9,384,76618
9(6)Hunting And Gathering (Fr)$3,380,030493$8,850,7983
10NewSmall Town Rivals (S Kor)$3,055,628325$3,496,1271
11NewThe Hills Have Eyes II (US)$2,862,478860$2,862,4786
12(11)Doraemon 2007 (Jap)$2,655,453331$22,216,9861
13(9)The Number 23 (US)$2,643,169919$22,217,05619
14(5)Ghost Rider (US)$2,560,4082077$100,013,13154
15(10)Wild Hogs (US)$2,282,0001190$14,967,0008
16(15)Unfair: The Movie (Jap)$2,017,132260$14,702,7411
17(13)Il 7 E L'8 (It)$1,797,177306$7,642,1131
18(12)Epic Movie (US)$1,776,4661046$31,135,19916
19(16)Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Fr-Ger-Sp)$1,703,577467$127,978,9649
20(22)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$1,616,995593$36,739,53116
21*The Messengers (US)$1,486,895286$4,043,0483
22(17)La Vie En Rose (Fr)$1,485,064903$46,721,17310
23(14)Deja Vu (US)$1,327,000757$114,138,0007
24(32)Happy Feet (US-Aus)$1,304,601606$180,895,58712
25*Alpha Dog (US)$1,301,618506$8,170,65110
26(27)The Holiday (US)$1,293,011292$134,224,3506
27(20)Namastey, London (Ind)$1,258,250544$5,624,06216
28*Notes On A Scandal (US-UK)$1,172,192390$26,196,35913
29NewHellphone (Fr)$1,141,070445$1,141,0702
30NewLa Tete De Maman (Fr)$1,110,681236$1,110,6811
31(19)Premonition (US)$1,106,453439$7,126,8144
32NewShooter (US)$1,035,700502$1,496,7945
33(18)Hot Fuzz (UK-US-Fr)$1,012,732447$44,162,8054
34NewAlone (Thai)$917,638144$917,6381
35(33)Battery (Jap)$865,712312$8,808,2131
*Re-entry Does not include UK previews from previous week - (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady
Note: the chart is shorter this week due to an early Easter print deadline. For more up-to-date figures, go to
North America - Three-day weekend March 30- April 1 - Top 30
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Blades Of Glory (US) ParamountNEW$33,014,2023,372$9,791 -$33,014,202
2(-)Meet The Robinsons (US) Buena VistaNEW$25,123,7813,413$7,361 -$25,123,781
3(3)300 (US) Warner Bros4$11,434,4373,004$3,806-42$179,941,919
4(2)TMNT (US) Warner Bros2$9,232,3623,120$2,959-62$38,500,646
5(5)Wild Hogs (US) Buena Vista5$8,662,8933,200$2,707-37$135,628,796
6(4)Shooter (US) Paramount2$8,364,4132,806$2,981-42$27,576,332
7(8)Premonition (US) Sony Pictures3$5,213,2642,474$2,107-45$39,455,581
8(7)The Hills Have Eyes II (US) 20th Century Fox2$4,186,3862,4651,698-57$16,069,995
9(9)Reign Over Me (US) Sony Pictures2$3,835,0221,671$2,295-49$13,465,869
10(6)The Last Mimzy (US) New Line2$3,815,6003,017$1,265-62$16,007,619
11(-)The Lookout (US) MiramaxNEW$2,017,795955$2,113 -$2,017,795
12(16)The Namesake (US-Ind) Fox Searchlight4$1,545,971237$6,523+18$4,609,030
13(10)Pride (aka P.D.R.) (US) Lionsgate Films2$1,444,0211,518$951-59$5,739,338
14(11)Dead Silence (US) Universal3$1,329,510974$1,365-61$15,474,960
15(12)I Think I Love My Wife (US) 20th Fox3$872,579597$1,462-68$11,771,765
16(15)Amazing Grace (UK-US) IDP Distribution6$849,050612$1,387-42$18,258,667
17(20)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Sony Pictures Classics7$610,325259$2,356-18$6,557,434
18(22)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox15$602,610414$1,456+7$247,718,328
19(13)Bridge To Terabithia (US) Buena Vista7$595,734854$698-74$80,307,788
20(14)Ghost Rider (US) Sony Pictures7$538,245578$931-68$114,231,820
21(17)Zodiac (US) Paramount5$369,859273$1,355-68$32,448,587
22(-)The Wind That Shakes The Barley (UK-Ire-Fr) IFC Films3$313,55038$8,251 -$546,697
23(18)Norbit (US) Paramount8$293,733412$713-70$94,570,382
24(26)The Host (S Korea) Magnolia Pictures4$282,744116$2,437+5$1,452,018
25(19)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros7$269,116335$803-69$49,731,382
26(21)Namastey, London (Ind) Eros Entertainment2$210,11165$3,232-64$882,667
27(24)Happy Feet (Aus-US) Warner Bros20$201,559294$686-49$197,560,897
28(23)Breach (US) Universal7$197,220228$865-61$32,791,865
29(28)Deep Sea 3-D (Can-US) Warner Bros57$177,50136$4,931-16$25,542,690
30(27)Pan's Labyrinth (Mex-US-Sp) Picturehouse14$169,624155$1,094-32$36,947,126
$1 = $1.00 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance -9.9% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 30)
top 30 total 3-day gross $125.8m
UK/Ireland - Three-day weekend March 30-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-daySitesSite%Total
gross £gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPINEW£6,432,738$12,615,685512$24,640 -$12,615,685*
2(1)300 (US) Warner Bros2£2,287,590$4,486,350377$11,900-52$17,795,495
3(-)The Hills Have Eyes II (US) 20th FoxNEW£775,160$1,520,220324$4,692 -$1,520,220**
4(-)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVI2£621,703$1,219,265459$2,656 -$1,895,189***
5(2)Premonition (US) Entertainment Film Distributors3£456,975$896,205308$2,910-38$6,351,714
6(3)TMNT (US) Warner Bros2£385,688$756,399369$2,050-40$3,049,235
7(5)Amazing Grace (UK-US) Momentum Pictures2£337,523$661,940239$2,770-22$2,274,913
8(4)Norbit (US) Paramount Pictures International4£294,819$578,190324$1,785-51$10,041,326
9(6)Hot Fuzz (UK) Universal Pictures International7£234,277$459,457232$1,980-44$40,231,914
10(-)The Last Mimzy (US) Entertainment Film DistributorsNEW£188,116$368,927286$1,290 -$231,743
$1 = £0.51 *includes previous weekend previews of $3.8m **Includes $416,635 of previews ***Includes figures from Imax opening previous weekScreen International
Year-on-year performance +105.6% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $25.2m
France - Week ending March 27 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek7-day7-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)300 (US) Warner BrosNEWEUR4,472,571$5,949,150485$12,266 -$5,949,150
2(-)Hunting And Gathering (Fr) Pathe DistributionNEWEUR3,660,554$4,869,053389$12,517 -$4,869,053
3(1)La Vie En Rose (Czech-UK-Fr) TFM Distribution6EUR1,233,153$1,640,268641$2,559-51$35,891,693
4(3)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros2EUR884,065$1,175,931350$3,360-62$4,245,351
5(2)Curse Of The Golden Flower (China-HK) SND2EUR865,773$1,151,600278$4,142-64$4,318,158
6(4)Counter Investigation (Fr) Pathe Distribution3EUR750,424$998,169375$2,662-61$5,962,975
7(6)Michou D'Auber (Fr) EuropaCorp Distribution4EUR553,001$735,569415$1,772-53$6,242,127
8(5)Taxi 4 (Fr) EuropaCorp Distribution, ARP Selection6EUR521,530$693,709392$1,770-58$33,439,271
9(-)The Golden Door (Fr-It-Ger) ID MementoNEWEUR501,384$666,911143$4,664 -$666,911
10(8)*The Lives Of Others (Ger) Ocean Films8EUR495,435$658,998170$3,876-33$7,610,200
$ figures approximated on a $5.57 average ticket price *absent from last week's chart due to incorrect information supplied - Le Film Francais
Year-on-year performance +47.5% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 7-day gross $22.1m
Australia - Four-day weekend March 29-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek4-day4-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross a$gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) PPI/UPINEWa$3,801,598$3,071,006347$8,850 -$3,071,006
2(1)Wild Hogs (US) BVI4a$1,327,431$1,072,325287$3,736-41$9,871,674
3(-)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVINEWa$907,322$732,953292$2,510 -$768,717
4(2)Hot Fuzz (UK) PPI/ UPI3a$664,700$536,958184$2,918-40$3,496,190
5(11)Becoming Jane (UK-US-Ire) Dendy FilmsNEWa$544,974$440,24197$4,539+139$626,496
6(3)TMNT (US) Roadshow2a$285,011$230,23858$3,970-40$700,804
7(4)Freedom Writers (US) PPI2a$269,083$217,371153$1,421-40$726,115
8(6)Bra Boys (Aus) Hopscotch3a$196,552$158,77967$2,370-40$976,170
9(7)Reign Over Me (US) SPRI2a$183,959$148,60656$2,654-34$457,626
10(-)The Lives Of Others (Ger) HopscotchNEWa$181,390$146,53019$7,712 -$204,857
$1 = a$1.24 - Motion Picture Distributors Association Of Australia
Year-on-year performance +33.5% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 4-day gross $7.5m
Germany - Four-day weekend March 29-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek4-day4-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr) UPINEWEUR4,204,462$5,596,994845$6,624 -$5,596,994
2(-)The Hills Have Eyes II (US) 20th FoxNEWEUR692,206$921,467366$2,518 -$921,467
3(2)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros4EUR657,779$875,638589$1,487-40$9,524,971
4(1)Neues Vom Wixxer (Ger) Constantin Film3EUR591,017$786,764600$1,311-51$5,488,500
5(-)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVINEWEUR376,648$501,395651$770 -$501,395
6(4)The Number 23 (US) Warner Bros2EUR333,947$444,551209$2,127-37$1,333,999
7(3)Norbit (US) Universal Pictures International4EUR298,146$396,893482$823-62$6,546,426
8(6)Hande... Mississippi (Ger) Delphi Film Foundation2EUR240,756$320,495325$986-43$981,167
9(5)Alpha Dog (US) Concorde2EUR199,525$265,608205$1,296-58$1,000,084
10(7)The Lives Of Others (Ger) BVI54EUR162,819$216,745189$1,147-40$17,217,471
$1 = EUR0.75 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance +17.8 on equivalent week, 2006 (top 15)
Top 15 total 4-day gross $11.1m
Italy - Three-day weekend March 30-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(1)300 (US) Warner Bros2EUR2,138,530$2,846,818470$6,057-38$9,443,296
2(2)Il 7 E L'8 (It) Medusa Film3EUR1,210,158$1,610,966306$5,265-24$7,020,761
3(-)Bridge To Terabithia (US) MoviemaxNEWEUR1,032,634$1,374,646315$4,364 -$1,374,645
4(3)Norbit (US) Universal Pictures International2EUR706,474$940,461263$3,576-47$3,187,523
5(-)Stay Alive (US) Medusa FilmNEWEUR526,461$700,827162$4,326 -$700,827
6(-)Centochiodi (It) Mikado FilmNEWEUR406,841$541,58892$5,887 -$541,588
7(4)Ho Voglia Di Te (It) Warner Bros4EUR377,042$501,920213$2,356-66$17,876,885
8(7)Bordertown (UK-US) Medusa Film2EUR346,558$461,339175$2,636-36$1,381,873
9(6)Because I Said So (US) Eagle Pictures2EUR313,028$416,704192$2,170-42$1,350,674
10(5)Ghost Rider (US) Spri3EUR230,717$307,131152$2,021-63$3,717,075
$1 = EUR0.75 - Cinetel
Year-on-year performance +35.5% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $11.3m
Mexico - Three-day weekend March 30-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross pesogross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVINEW20,160,929$1,824,585595$3,067 -$1,824,585
2(1)300 (US) Warner Bros218,217,696$1,648,720526$3,134-35$5,632,047
3(-)Shooter (US) PPINEW6,669,411$603,588284$2,125 -$603,588
4(2)Epic Movie (US) 20th Fox34,675,261$423,116331$1,278-46$3,794,846
5(3)Ninas Mal (Mex) SPRI44,638,874$419,823321$1,308-40$6,032,615
6(-)Canitas. Presencia (Mex) VideocineNEW4,152,941$375,845154$2,441 -$375,845
7(-)Wild Hogs (US) BVI03,353,020$303,452342$887 -$303,452
8(-)Cuando Las Cosas Suceden (Mex) MediaquestNEW1,813,919$164,162161$1,020 -$164,162
9(5)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros41,467,875$132,844115$1,155-54$2,489,041
10(-)Alatriste (US-Fr-Sp) 20th FoxNEW1,330,130$120,378108$1,115 -$120,360
$1 = peso11.05 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance -46.3% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $6m
Japan - Two-day weekend March 31-April 1 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek2-day2-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross Yengross $avg $changegross $
1(1)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox3Yen358,557,278$3,051,136565$5,4001$19,924,815
2(2)Doraemon 2007 (Jap) Toho4Yen312,058,264$2,655,453331$8,0230$22,216,986
3(3)Unfair: The Movie (Jap) Toho3Yen237,045,247$2,017,132260$7,758-6$14,702,741
4(4)The Holiday (US) UIP/UPI2Yen151,385,258$1,288,210278$4,634-14$4,691,218
5(5)Happy Feet (Aus-US) Warner Bros3Yen150,360,295$1,279,488494$2,5901748,195,777
6(6)Battery (Jap) Toho4Yen101,735,037$865,712312$2,775-12$8,808,213
7(7)Deja Vu (US) BVI3Yen81,441,731$693,027308$2,250-18$5,548,643
8(8)Mushishi (Jap) Toshiba Entertainment2Yen69,313,239$589,820163$3,619-27$2,300,334
9(-)One Piece 8 (Jap) Toei5Yen59,997,269$510,546283$1,804-$6,365,785
10(10)Mushi King - Love And Berry (Jap) Shochiku2Yen59,011,909$502,161122$4,116-1$2,375,258
$1 = Yen117.52 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance +21.3% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 2-day gross $13.5m
South korea - Three-day weekend March 30-April 1 (93% screens reporting) - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross wongross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Small Town Rivals (S Korea) CJ EntertainmentNEW2,808,946,000$2,986,334301$9,921-$3,433,253
2(1)300 (US) Warner Bros32,039,197,000$2,167,975294$7,374-41$16,150,657
3(2)Perfume: The Story... (Ger-Fr-Sp) Lotte Entertainment21,306,240,500$1,388,731220$6,312-18$4,054,639
4(3)The Number 23 (US) Mirovision2593,041,000$630,492168$3,753-45$2,329,119
5(-)Beautiful Sunday (S Kor) Showbox/MediaplexNEW589,767,000$627,011201$3,119-$719,008
6(-)Black Book (Bel-Ger-Neth-UK) Prime EntertainmentNEW433,024,500$460,371122$3,774-$518,166
7(4)The Break-Up (US) UPI2293,568,500$312,108148$2,109-52$1,305,667
8(6)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros5269,929,000$286,975127$2,260-48$6,855,950
9(5)Soo (S Kor) Cinema Service2155,340,500$165,150188$878-74$1,207,646
10(9)Mug Travel (S Kor) RG Animation Studio2114,994,500$122,25750$2,445-47$401,266
$1 = won940.60 - Kofic
Year-on-year performance +25.2% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $9.1m
The Screen Index Cumulative grosses to April 6 issue
Weekly total: $231.5m
Year-on-year comparison +5.4%
Week-on-week comparison N/A*
The weekly total is the sum of the grosses in the top nine markets * Figures for Spain not available in time