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Now heading into its fourth year, Entertainment Expo Hong Kong (March 17-April 13) combines nine film and entertainment industry events.

The month-long jamboree kicks off on March 17 with the opening of three major film-related events - the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Filmart), the Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF) and the Hong Kong International Film Festival (Hkiff).

On the same evening, Hong Kong plays host to the second edition of the Asian Film Awards, which adds some sparkle to the business side of Expo. Reflecting the diversity of Asian cinema, the nominated films range from festival favourites such as Iran's Buddha Collapsed Out Of Shame and Korea's Secret Sunshine to global blockbusters such as Ang Lee's Lust, Caution and Bollywood hit Om Shanti Om.

Expo will come to a close on April 13 with the Hong Kong Film Awards, which spotlight the achievements of the local production industry.

In the following pages we examine each of Expo's three leading film events, as well as review recent developments in the Hong Kong and mainland China film industries. We also profile the major product being sold at Filmart from the US and Europe as well as Asia.

Now an established event, Expo will demonstrate this tiny territory still punches above its weight as a hub of the pan-Asian film industry.


Hong Kong Filmart (March 17-20)
Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum (March 17-19)
Hong Kong International Film Festival (March 17-April 6)
Asian Film Awards (March 17)
Hong Kong Film Awards (April 13)
Ifpi HK Top Sales Music Award (March 19)
Hong Kong Music Fair (March 19-21)
Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (April 8)
Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (March 13-23)