Studiospecialty division chiefs Harvey Weinstein of Miramax Films, Michael Barker andTom Bernard of Sony Pictures Classics, David Linde and James Schamus of FocusFeatures and Bingham Ray of United Artists may get their say after all in thebattle over the screener ban, since all have been subpoenaed to appear in USdistrict court on Wednesday morning in New York.

Theexecutives, who were muzzled by their MPAA member studio parents during theinitial controversy over the ban, are appearing to give evidence in the hearingcalled last week as a result of the request for a restraining order to lift theMPAA ban by a coalition of independent film-makers.

Ironically many of theindependent film-makers who have filed the suit against the MPAA have filmshoused at the specialty divisions such as Robert Altman whose film TheCompany will be released by SonyClassics in December, InDiGent whose film Pieces Of April is currently on release through United Artists and ThisIs That Corp whose 21 Grams is anOscar hopeful for Focus Features this year not to mention next year's DoorIn The Floor.