Multi-national East European distributor SPI International has picked up all rights to Oliver Stone's forthcoming opus Alexander for the Czech Republic and for Slovakia.

The film, which is budgeted at over $150m, is financed and sold by Intermedia. The company previously licensed it to Warner Bros for North and South America, The UK, Australia and New Zealand, Pathe for France and Benelux, Nippon Herald and Shochiku for Japan, Constantin for Germany, Tri Pictures for Spain, Woo Sung for Korea, Nordisk for Scandinavia, Spentzos for Greece and Shani for Israel.

SPI, which is also emerging as a major distributor in Poland and Hungary, has been an active buyer of late. Its Czech and Slovak release slates include Dogville, Crimson Rivers 2, Chou-Chou, Scary Movie 3, the Shall We Dance remake and Around The World In 80 Days.