Spider-Man 3 once again dominated the international box office this weekend, falling a respectable 50% from its record-shattering opening to gross $85.5m. International debutant 28 Weeks Later came a very distant second with an estimated $4.7m.

With no new competition in most markets, Spider-Man 3 stayed top in all major territories, taking its estimated $85.5m from 16,200 screens in 105 countries, according to Sony Pictures Releasing International. The international decline was smaller than the 60% drop-off the film experienced in North America. Declines in individual territories ranged from just 38% in Germany and Brazil to a steep 69% in Russia.

The second-weekend result compared fairly well to the blockbuster's first three-day tally of $164.9m and it took the film's running international total to $386.4m. The worldwide total reached $622m. By next weekend the third film will have beaten the international totals of both its predecessors (Spider-Man's $418m and Spider-Man 2's $410m).

In the UK, the latest Spidey fell 52% to $11.2m from 1,088 screens, for a territory total to date of $48.8m. In France it was off 48% to $8.1m from 972 screens, for a total of $38.3 m. In Korea the drop was 49%, to $5.9m from 708 screens, for a $26.4m total.

Mexico showed a decline of 52%, to $5.8m from 930 screens (total $23.2m); Germany fell 38% to $5.2m from 1,161 screens (total $21m); Japan was down 52% to $4.8m from 806 (total $36.2m); Brazil dipped 38% to $4.5m from 700 (total $15.1m); Spain dived 63% to $4.1 from 763 (total $17.6m); Australia slid 52% to $3.8m from 500 (total $13.7m); and Italy fell 61% to $3.7m from 916 (total $20.7m).

Takings were down 58% from the film's record opening in China, to $1.9m from 534 screens (total $13.1m). The gross from India was down 51% to $2.3m from 597 screens (total $10.4m). And the steep decline in Russia led to a $2.4m gross from 560 screens (total $12.8 m).

Only one film dared to make its international debut in Spider-Man 3's immediate wake. 28 Weeks Later, sequel to Danny Boyle's cult hit 28 Days Later, opened in a number of international territories simultaneous with its North American release and grossed an estimated $4.7m from 800 screens in 11 markets, according to Fox International.

The zombie thriller from Fox Atomic and the UK's DNA Films, with Spain's Juan Carlos Fresnadillo taking over as director, debuted at number two (behind Spider-Man 3) in both the UK and Australia. In the UK it took $3.1m from 401 screens, about 117% of the opening gross in that territory for the original film. And in Australia the estimated gross was $636,000 from 161 screens, about 109% of the original's take.

Mr Bean's Holiday led the other international holdovers, grossing an estimated $3.5m for Universal/UPI from 2,800 play dates in 48 territories, for an impressive international total of $172m after seven weeks.

The comedy opened in Argentina with $81,000 from 15 dates. It was down just 13% in the UK, with an estimated $500,000 from 356 dates, for a 45-day total of $42.4m. And in Germany it fell 16% to $450,000 from 547 dates, for a 46-day total of $21.7m. Openings are still to come in Japan, Korea and four other territories.

Buena Vista International's Wild Hogs held up well, taking an estimated $3.3m from 2,700 screens in 36 territories, for a running international total of $70.5m.

The sturdy comedy was down only 10% in its fourth weekend in Germany, holding on to second spot in the local chart with $1.3m from 580 locations, for a territory total of $9.3m. And it fell only 3% in its fifth weekend in the UK, coming fourth with $700,000 from 360 screens, for a territory total of $10.8m.

Shooter, from Paramount Pictures International (PPI), grossed an estimated $2.1m from 1,705 screens across 60 territories. The international total to date for the action thriller is $39m.

PPI's Blades of Glory took an estimated $1.8m from 907 screens across 17 territories, bringing its international total to $13m. The comedy opened in 14 new territories, including Germany, where it grossed $375,000 from 243 locations, and Mexico, where it took $215,000 from 189.

Fox International's The Hills Have Eyes 2 made an estimated $1.8m from 750 screens in seven markets, for an international total of $9.5m. The horror remake sequel opened with $714,000 from 189 screens in Russia, $572,000 from 250 in Spain (for second place on the local chart), and $277,000 from 159 in Italy.

The Reaping , from Warner Bros International, grossed an estimated $1.26m (representing approximately 200,000 admissions) from 1,200 prints in 46 markets. The horror film's international total to date is $33.56m.

Warner's 300 added an estimated $924,000 (approximately 159,500 admissions) from over 1,500 prints in 49 markets, bringing its international total to an impressive $230m, with Japan still to open.

With 50% of the world still to go, BVI's animated Meet The Robinsons took an estimated $600,000 from 1,661 locations in 35 countries, for an international total to date of $49.6m.

Universal/UPI's Hot Fuzz nabbed $115,000 from 110 dates in eight territories, bringing its international total to $49.4m.

And the same distributor's Curse of the Golden Flower grossed $102,000 from 85 dates in two territories, for an international total in Universal's markets of $3.1m. The Chinese epic took $17,000 from 21 dates in the UK, off 60% for a 31-day total of $2.3m. It took $75,000 (off 40%) from 64 dates in Australia, for an 18-day total of $720,000.