Despite performing below expectations, Spider-Man's UK opening gross helped the Columbia TriStar blockbuster swing past the $200m international box office mark at the weekend.

Continuing success in territories where the film still leads the chart, such as Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan and Switzerland, combined with top spot grabbing debuts in the UK and Hungary this week have seen Spider-Man hit $218.6m.

This tally puts Sam Raimi's film ahead in the battle of the blockbuster's with Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones, which has grossed $197m from international markets so far.

Interestingly however the two are performing very differently in each territory. Despite taking pole position and strong numbers in the UK, Germany, Australia and Hungary Spider-Man has been unable to match the openings of Episode II in those territories (see tables below). The three-day opening weekend figure for Spidey in the UK was $8.7m (£5.9m) compared to Episode II's $13.4m (£9.1m), and this despite the fact that Spider-Man played at 42 more sites than the Star Wars title.

This week's Hungarian opening saw Spider-Man take $128,850 from 30 screens, an average of $4,295. Episode II made four times as much ($528,871) from 37 screens, an average of $14,294.

The opening weeks in Australia also just favoured Star Wars although George Lucas's film played on 13 less screens.

However in Italy Spider-Man triumphed, taking $5.4m to Episode II's $2.3m. Although the web-slinger played on 121 more screens it still showed the far superior screen average with $10,800 against Episode II's $6,069.

Equally Iceland, where both films are distributed by Skifan, went for the superhero over the sci-fi saga with Spider-Man grossing $30,000 more from one less screen.

In the next two weeks Spider-Man launches in Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Norway while Episode II also launches in handful of countries including South Africa. Spider-Man may have the upper-hand at the moment but with Star Wars yet to open in several major territories including Japan (the biggest international territory), South Korea, Brazil and Mexico it is still all to play for.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones
Country/Opening gross/Opening screens-sites
UK/$16.8m (4-day opening)/ 467
Hong Kong/$1.2m/53

Country/Opening gross/Opening screens-sites
UK/$13.9m (inc 3-day previews)/509
Hong Kong/$1.6m/64