Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment is celebrating today after scoring the biggest ever video and DVD release of all time over the weekend with Spider-Man. The release broke first day sales records on Friday with seven million units (combined VHS and DVD) sold and more than 11 million units are estimated to have been sold in the three-day period Friday to Sunday.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) estimates a staggering retail revenue total of $190m over the weekend - probably the largest entertainment gross of any kind in one three-day period ever.

26 million units of Spider-Man were shipped, and SPE says that the title should become the biggest selling DVD on record.

Spider-Man has grossed over $800m in theatrical revenues worldwide and a sequel is already being prepared for 2004 release with the same director Sam Raimi and the same stars Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco.