After only 25 days on release, the Hayao Miyazaki smash Spirited Away has already passed the Y10 billion ($82m) mark -- the fastest to do so of any Japanese film in history.

By August 13, the blockbuster animation about a young girl's search for her parents in a strange world of gods and goblins had grossed Y10,154,271,880 from 7,991,229 admissions, passing the existing number-two domestic film at the Japanese box office, 1983's Antarctica.

Spirited Away's 25-day total is also 79% higher than that of the all-time highest grossing Japanese film, Miyazaki's 1997 Princess Mononoke. If Spirited Away maintains this pace, which now seems likely, it will claim the number one spot by the end of August. It will then take aim at the target set by Titanic, which at Y25.9 billion ($212m), is Japan's all-time box office champion.