Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) unleashes Will Smith in half the world's multiplexes this weekend to tie in with the action picture's Independence Day holiday launch in North America.

The story of an alcoholic superhero who makes good will touch down on approximately 5,500 prints in 50 territories.

Despite a mostly lukewarm critical reaction the presence of Smith, the Western world's biggest star, results are expected to be impressive led by the UK, Australia and South Korea on July 2, Germany and China on July 3 and Brazil and Austria on July 4.

DreamWorks Animations' Kung Fu Panda is on a roll after passing the RMB100m ($14.6m) mark after ten days to become the biggest animated release ever in mainland China.

Jack Black and friends have reached $112m and will add to that in spades this weekend through holdovers and new openings in 21 territories, among them Germany and German-speaking Switzerland on July 3 and the UK, Brazil and Austria on July 4.

Universal's action packed graphic novel adaptation Wanted ruled the roost last weekend but will have to make do with second or third place this time round behind Hancock and possibly Kung Fu Panda.

The picture is racing towards $50m after launching last weekend and stands at $44.7m. It opens in Italy on July 2, which will provide an interesting litmus test of that market during the summer months.

Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk, released in most international markets through UPI, stands at $79.4m and launches in Switzerland on July 2.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian stands at $167.3m and opens this weekend in Scandinavia, the Benelux and Spain on July 2.

Wall-E is in the very early stages of release and has grossed $4m to date. The Pixar tale opens in Russia on July 3, Mexico on July 4 and across parts of the Middle East and, if its domestic success is anything to go by, it looks set to become one of the summer's biggest hits by the time the season comes to an end.

Fox International's The Happening stands at $72.5m while What Happens In Vegas has amassed $125.5m.

Horror picture Shutter, which currently stands at $18.2m, opens in Belgium as well as Taiwan on July 5. The police thriller Street Kings has grossed $33.9m and opens in Poland.

Wartime adventure The Children Of Huang Shi, which stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a journalist in China who rescued orphaned children during the Japanese occupation in 1937, opens through Fox in Australia on July 3.

Fox International holds rights in New Zealand as well. Hyde Park International has pre-sold the bulk of rights and Sony Pictures Classics released the picture in the US in May.

New Line International's Sex And The City has reached $201.9m, a resounding valedictory performance for the moribund distributor.