Darth Vader and Harry Potter were the true dark lord andwizard master for 2005's box office.

Worldwide George Lucas' Star Wars: Episode III - RevengeOf The Sith was the year's champion with a stunning $848.5m. However,internationally (excluding North America) it was Harry Potter And The GobletOf Fire which finished the year at the top of the pack.

Both films crossed $800m worldwide in 2005, leagues ahead oftheir nearest competitors none other of whom surpassed $600m.

The fourth in the Harry Potter franchise saw out theyear in style crossing $500m internationally and $800m worldwide in the finalweek of December. The last weekend (December 30-January 1) saw Goblet OfFire add an estimated $17m from over 7,100 prints in 60 internationalmarkets. Due to the January 2 holiday in North America final domestic weekendfigures are unavailable but estimates to December 30 suggested North Americannumbers had reached $272m.

This puts Goblet Of Fire ahead of Prisoner OfAzkaban domestically and worldwide, while the international total is just$5m shy and even 2002's Chamber Of Secrets' $615m international total islooking potentially reachable.

Revenge Of The Sith was the undeniable worldwidechampion with its domestic tally nearly $110m ahead of Goblet Of Fire.This was more than enough to swing things in Star Wars favour despitetrailing Potter's international cumulative gross by approximately $67m.

It proved a great end to George Lucas' Star Wars sagaand further evidence that the Harry Potter franchise is as strong asever. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix starts shooting thisyear for a 2007 release.