UK-basedStarfield Productions has been enjoying some enjoyable tremors with its raucousnew sex comedy about a vibrator, Rabbit Fever, directed by Ian Denya.

An all-starcast has been assembled for the project, about the best-selling vibrator in theworld, known as The Rabbit. Sienna Guilroy, Tom Conti, Stephanie Powers, Tara Summers,Flora Montgomery, Sam Bloom (Orlando Bloom's sister) and Lisa B play fictionalroles while Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson and Female Eunuch writer Germaine Greer play themselves.

Followingmeetings earlier this month in LA, Endeavor is set to represent the project.The world premiere is likely to be in Toronto in the autumn.

RabbitFever is a fakedocumentary. The film starts from the premise that the Rabbit vibrator is the newaddiction. It is such a powerful stimulation that women stop needing men. Manyare in recovery programmes run by Rabbits Anonymous.

"Men arebad at pleasure. Rabbits are good at pleasure," Greer declares in the film.Following an incident on a plane, Rabbits are banned on all airlines, with the exception ofVirgin, who give them out for free - hence Richard Branson's involvement.

The projectwas put together by Starfield's Paul Raphael and his brother Stephen Raphael(sons of celebrated British screenwriter Frederic Raphael.) All rights areavailable.