Stars of Tomorrow 2008 - Dev Patel, Tom Hiddleston, Michelle Dockery

Source: Gordon Correll, Gage Skidmore, Flickr User jdeeringdavis

Dev Patel, Tom Hiddleston and Claire Foy

Screen’s 2008 Stars of Tomorrow lists included some of the most famous British actors and filmmakers today.

Actors including Tom Hiddleston, Claire Foy, Dev Patel and Michelle Dockery, have won or been nominated for BAFTAs, Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and, thanks to Olly Alexander’s band Years & Years, Brit Awards.

They have portrayed Queen Elizabeth II, Merlin, The Nordic God and Marvel supervillain Loki and teenage superhero Kick-Ass.

The filmmakers are equally impressive, counting award-winning writer-director Andrew Haigh and noted television directors Tom Marshall and China Moo-Young amongst their ranks. Below is the full list of Screen’s 2008 stars of tomorrow.



  • Michelle Dockery
  • Olivia Hallinan
  • Edward Hogg
  • Charles Mnene
  • Colin Morgan
  • Carey Mulligan
  • Jack O’Connell
  • Dev Patel
  • Kaya Scodelario
  • Ben Aldridge
  • Olly Alexander
  • Claire Foy
  • Georgia Groome
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Aaron Johnson (AKA Aaron Taylor-Johnson)
  • Scarlett Johnson
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Christine McKay
  • Charlotte Riley

  • Daisy Donovan, actress-writer
  • Andrew Haigh, writer-director
  • Michael Lesslie, writer
  • Tom Marshall, writer-director
  • China Moo-Young, director
  • Joseph Pierce, writer-director-animation
  • Janis Pugh, writer-director
  • Polly Stenham, writer
  • Justin Trefgarne, writer-director
  • Esther May Campell, writer-director
  • Virginia Gilbert, writer-director
  • Sebastian and Hugo Godwin, writer-director and producer
  • Jane Linfoot, writer-director
  • Jeremy Lovering, writer-director
  • Laura Rees, producer
  • Matthew Walker, writer-director-animator

US/Sundance Stars 2008


  • Josh Peck
  • Danai Gurira


  • Paul Schneider, writer-director
  • Daniel Barnz, writer-director
  • Ari Gold, writer-director
  • Amy Redford, director
  • Alex Rivera, writer-director
  • Geoff Haley, writer-director
  • Courtney Hunt, writer-director
  • Azazel Jacobs, writer-director
  • Marianna Palka, actor-writer-director
  • Megan Holley, screenwriter

[Image credit: Gordon Correll, Gage

Skidmore, Flickr User jdeeringdavis]