Debut feature Dead Cat screened at LUFF.

Graduating from the NFTS in 2006, London-based writer-director Stefan Georgiou, a former Capitol Films employee, was writing in his spare time and waiting for the right time to start shooting his debut; then he realised there is never really a right time. So, with his writing partner Sam Bern, he came up with a deadline: Dead Cat, a contemporary romantic comedy, would shoot in the summer of 2009 no matter what funding was available. Money was duly raised through personal donations, an online site and a speed-dating event, and Georgiou’s friends, Sebastian Armesto (a fellow Star of Tomorrow) and Tom Mison lined up to star. Dead Cat was selected to screen as part of June’s London UK Film Focus (it is also in line to receive some BFI completion funding). “It has been a bit of a struggle but Ascent Media helped us finish it and Sony gave us some music. I can see we are almost there,” he says. Next up are some short films, another screenplay he has written with Armesto, and a play. “It’s important to get out there and make it happen for yourself,” he says.

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