Jason Statham, LeeleeSobieski, Ron Pearlman, John Rhys-Davies, Matthew Lillard, Kristanna Loken andBurt Reynolds have all signed on to star in Uwe Boll's latest video gameadaptation Dungeon Siege.

The film, which startsshooting next week in Vancouver, Canada, is again produced by Shawn Williamsonof Brightlight Pictures, the Vancouver production outfit which produced Boll'sBloodRayne.

Boll is directing andexecutive producing Dungeon Siege,which follows the life of lowly Farmer on a mission to conquer an unspeakablyevil army and save his family.

Based on the game by GasPowered Games, Dungeon Siege isscripted by Doug Taylor, David S Freeman and Glen Benest; joining Boll asexecutive producer is Wolfgang Herold. Williamson and Daniel Clarker are producers.

This film marks Boll'sfourth film from a video game adaptation after BloodRayne, Alone In The Dark and House Of The Dead.