Delhi High Court has directed City Government and PoliceCommissioner to provide adequate security to the capital's cinema halls wherethe controversial film financed by Bharat Shah and produced by Nazim HassanRazvi Chori Chori Chupke Chupke (Stealthily, Secretly) is playing. Thefilm's distributor Manpreet Singh Chadha, had received threats from certainreligious, political and fundamentalist organizations asking him not to exhibitthe film in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The film was released on 9th March2001. In Bombay and Bhopal, as well as in Delhi, all screenings of the film arebooked out for up to a week in some cinemas, despite sporadic mobdemonstrations outside many theatres.

Meanwhile the Mumbai police has tabled a charge sheet toprove the Indian film industry's connection with the Karachi based underworld.The 1,156 page charge sheet contains a transcript of a taped conversationrecorded on October 27, 2000 between film producer Bharat Shah and a member ofthe underworld (Chhota Shakeel). Bharat Shah, Rizvi and Abdul Rahim AllahbakshKhan have been remanded in judicial custody till March 30. The police also toldthe court that they wish to further continue their investigations and wait forevidence collected from the Enforcement Directorate, and the Income Taxdepartment, which are jointly investigating the case. The Mumbai Special courthad on February 12 allowed the release of the film after appointing a receiver,who was given the right to sell, release and distribute the film.