Toronto is today to be denied the pleasure of the company ofStephen Chow (aka Stephen Chiau), who was today (Tues Sept 14) to havepresented his hugely anticipated directorial effort Kung Fu Hustle as a world premiere. Chow was refused avisa by Canadian immigration authorities.

Festival press officer Gabrielle Free, confirmed yesterday: "Hewas denied a visa, but that's all the detail we have." Chow's status as agenuine superstar on screen - he probably ranks behind only Jackie Chan in HongKong, while post Shaolin Soccer he is also one of Asia's most exportable directors - carried little weight with the Canadianborder police.

Unconfirmedreports suggest that Chow was determined to come to Toronto and set off forHong Kong airport, only to return home when it became clear that the specialvisa problem could not be resolved in time.