Filming is underway on Boston-based Mavex Productions' comedy Stiffs, the first feature to take advantage ofthe Massachusetts Production Tax Incentive legislation that came into effect onJan 1.

The project, which stars Danny Aiello as an Italian-Americanhearse driver who gets involved in a plot to keep a funeral home afloat, isscheduled to wrap filming in the Greater Boston area on Feb 10.

Former Pittsburgh Penguins owner Roger Marino is financing theproduction and serves as executive producer, while Sandy Missakian isproducing.

Frank Ciota directs from a screenplay by his brother Joe; the pairpreviously teamed up with Marino on Ciao America.

"Even though we're a small-budget film by most standards,Massachusetts has opened her arms to us," Marino said. "There is nowhere else Iwould want to see Stiffs filmed and am very grateful that we can make itfiscally worthwhile to be here as well."

Marino's executive producer credits include The Door In TheFloor and I'll SleepWhen I'm Dead.

Jon Polito,Lesley Ann Warren, Frank Vincent, Heather Tom, Louis Vanaria, and Joe Sicariround out the key cast on Stiffs.