With three weeks to go until the 14th edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival, festival director Git Scheynius and her team have unveiled the full line-up for this year's event (Nov 13-23).

The festival will present around 140 films divided into ten different categories.

Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill will open the event, while the 2003 Palme d'Or winner Elephant by Gus van Sant will close the festival. Both films will screen in the category American Independents.

The Stockholm XIV Competition is designed for new directors whose first, second or third films offer challenging, innovative and uncompromising productions. Competing films include The Station Agent by Thom McCarthy (USA), Good Bye, Lenin! by Wolfgang Becker (Germany), and Catherine Hardwicke's controversial teenage drama Thirteen (USA). 15 The Feature, also in competition, is a semi-documentary narrative about Singapore's underbelly by Royston Tan.

This year's Spotlight category is devoted to Thai cinema, with a special focus on the country's reviving production industry. Among five full-length Thai films at the festival, Prachya Pinakaews' Ong Bak will be screened.

Other categories include Short Films Competition, Twilight Zone, and Northern Lights. The latter focuses on film from the Scandinavian and Baltic countries and offers, among others, Dogs & Deer - Dogville Confessions by Sami Sais of Denmark.

David Lynch is the recipient of this year's Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award. Lynch, who will visit the Stockholm Film Festival Nov 20-24, has personally selected five films for the Lynch by Lynch line-up, namely Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway, and Mullholland Drive. Former recipients of the Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award include Elia Kazan, Gena Rowlands, Roman Polanski, Lauren Bacall and Erland Josephsson.

Some of the other guests to visit the festival are Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen), actress Katrin Sass (Good Bye, Lenin!) and Prachya Pinakaews (Ong Bak).

Stockholm XIV Competition

15 The Feature (Singapore) dir. Royston Tan
All The Real Girls (USA) dir. David Gordon Green
American Splendor (USA) dir. Shari Springer Berman & Robert Pulcini
Elle Est Des Notres (France) dir. Siegried Alnoy
Killing Words (Spain) dir. Laura Mana
The Station Agent (USA) dir. Thom MacCarthy
Struggle (Austria) dir. Ruth Mader
Tiresia (France) dir. Bertrand Bonello
Thirteen (USA) dir. Catherine Hardwicke
Memories Of Murder (South Korea) dir. Bong Joon-Ho
Schultze Gets the Blues (Germany) dir. Michael Schorr
A Good Lawyer's Wife (South Korea) dir. Im Sang Soo
The Man Of The Year (Brazil) dir. Jose Henrique Fonseca
Good Bye, Lenin! (Germany) dir. Wolfgang Becker
Errance (France) dir. Damien Odoul
Free Radicals (Austria) dir. Barbara Albert
Anyway the Wind Blows (Belgien) dir. Tom Barman
Twist (Canada) dir. Jacob Tierney
In the City (Spain) dir. Cesc Gay
16 Years of Alcohol (UK) dir. Richard Jobson