Beijing-based JA Media hassealed a number of deals for Tsui Hark's She Ain't Mean.

The romantic comedy was picked up by Scorpio East in Singapore, GSC in Malaysia, Intercontinental Film Distributors in Hong Kong, Polybona in China, Serenity Entertainmentin Taiwan and Celestial Movies for pay-TV in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

JA Media has also announced plans for two projects with Hong Kong directors.

Dante Lam is to shoot a period drama tentatively titled Sword, set during the Ming Dynasty about swordsmen facing the newly-invented guns of the time. The film's budget is expected to be more than $14m (RMB100m).

Lam told a JA Media reception he intends to make a film distinct from existing martial arts dramas with younger actors.

And Chan Hing-ka (La Brassiere) is to make a contemporary story set in China, with production starting later this year, according to JA Media consultant Jeffery Chan.

Stanley Kwan's Bangkok-based musical He Is, He Isn't plans to start shooting this summer with Aaron Kwok starring.

Kwan, who is also artistic director of JA Media, denied rumours that Edison Chan's part would be deleted from the film Jump over his recent indecent pictures scandal. Jump a is a co-production between JA Media and Star Overseas.