At the recent Strategic Partners co-production market in Canada, producers revealed a number of new projects currently in the works.

In total almost 200 industry figures from the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa, the Netherlands, and the UK were given the chance to pitch their projects to fellow producers, distributors or sales agents in one-to one meetings, arranged as part of the Atlantic Film Festival (September 13-22) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Screen highlights selected international projects that were introduced at Strategic Partners:

Charlotte is a drama from UK-based APT Films. The $9m project, about a young woman who lived as an exiled Jew in Occupied France, is currently in development with Paul Morrison on board to direct and starring Samantha Morton. 'We have talked to Breakout Films and Le Bureau about them coming onboard as co-producers,' says Al Morrow, producer and head of development at APT.

Ilann Girard's Paris-basd Arsam International is in development on Cannes Job, with backing from Sony and Telecino. The $8m project is about a Hollywood writer who pursues a secluded life in France.

UK-based Arturi Films was talking to potential Spanish producers about One-Armed Bandit, about an American criminal who escapes to Mexico and befriends a young boy. The $10m project could shoot in Spain for Mexico. Arturi is already working with Spain's Alma Ata and Totem Films on horror project The Glimmer.

My Winnipeg producer Phyllis Laing, of Buffalo Gal Pictures, has new projects including $6.7m Canadian production Kiss Of The Fur Queen, about two Cree boys in Manitoba. Tim Sullivan is writing the script and will direct. 'We are currently speaking to European co-production partners and sales agents for pre-sales,' says Laing. She also has Sex Lives Of the Saints, a Cold War project, at script stage.

Vancouver-based Crescent Entertainment has two projects adapted from David Bergen novels: The Time In Between and The Case Of Lena S. The former is to be shot in Vietnam, and Crescent was in talks with French co-producers who are experienced at shooting in the country.

Among the new projects from Michael Donovan and Charles Bishop's Halifax Film (Shake Hands With The Devil), is The Hanging Of Angelique. This $10m adaptation of Afua Cooper's novel is based on the true story of a Portuguese black woman and slave who was accused of burning down the old Montreal in 1734.

Floyd Kane, vice president creative at Halifax Film, said: 'We are hoping to get Euzhan Palcy (A Dry White Season) to direct and want Naomie Harris (Pirates Of The Caribbean) to play Angelique,' says Kane. 'We came to Strategic Partners to potentially get a French co-production partner onboard and have spoken to Arte.'

Paris-based Les Productoins Balthazar was at SP to discuss The Woman Who Read, this $6m project is about a young Vietnamese woman soldier held prisoner in a French camp. Olivier Lorelle, who wrote Days Of Glory (Indigenes), will make his feature film directorial debut.

Carl Bessai's Vancouver-based Raven West Films is developing psychological thriller Emergence, about a wheelchair-bound game designer. A $10m film, Bessai (who directed Toronto premiere Normal) has confirm 15% of the financing already.