Danish director Anders Ronnow-Klarlund has won backingfor his follow-up to festival title Strings,called John, Bodil, China and Melanie.

The Danish Film Institute (DFI) has invested Euros500,000 in the project which will be produced by Zentropa Entertainment.

Ronnow-Klarlund's fourth film is a satire set in a nottoo distant future. A quarter of the population of Denmark has beenincarcerated in a school to be tested for their use to society. If they failthe test, they will be shot.

The cast consists mainly of a local stars. SorenPilmark (Kings' Game) stars withLouise Mieritz (The Idiots).

Strings, which has played on the festival circuit aroundEurope, is released in Denmark next month after having travelled around Europe.An old-fashioned fairy tale, its main cast consists of puppets.