Colin Farrell, universally good reviews, and a campaign that included radio play for Farrell's soundtrack cover of The Clash's I Fought The Law combined to generate a strong opening weekend in Ireland for BVI's Intermission.

The Company of Wolves' production, from debut director John Crowley, has taken over Euros 215,000 from 30 prints at 28 sites for a site average of Euros 7,679.

Speaking to the head of BVI Ireland, Brendan McCaul, said he was very happy with the figures particularly as they had built through the weekend, making Sunday the best of the three days.

"I'm comparing it with I Went Down and About Adam, both of which did well for us but this is far ahead of them. We could finish up around Euros 400,000 for the first week," he said.

"I'll be adding five more prints next week and given the other titles opening over the next few weeks I can see us getting a good run of four to six weeks with a total in the region of Euros 1m," McCaul added.