Danish director Per Fly Manslaughter had a strong opening in itslocal market over the weekend on the back of rave reviews.

Manslaughter, the third in Fly's trilogy of class filmsthat includes The Bench andInheritance, opened number one in Denmark with over 38,000admissions, three times as many as the second placed film Monster In Law.

Only one other Danish filmthis year, Anders Thomas Jensens Adam's Apples, has performed morestrongly.

Fly's previous films havescored at the Danish box office, with TheBench taking 227,000 admissions and Inheritance373,000.

Jesper Christensen (The Interpreter) stars as a 52-year-oldhigh school teacher who helps a young political activist, hiding her vital rolein the killing of a police officer. The girl becomes his lover and he brieflytastes the uncompromising idealism of his youth but risks his life spirallingout of control.

The Bench was sold to 11 territories,while Inheritance sold to 24territories. Manslaughter is producedby Zentropa Film with Ib Tardini as producer and Nordisk Film as distributor.