The post-productiondivisions at Strongroom and Air have been combined asBreathe Post Production.

Breathewill offer a range of HD editing, graphics and finishing facilities for videoand audio post production at both its Hampstead and Shoreditch locations in London.

Formerpost production co-ordinator for Air Sally Drury has been named post productionmanager for Breathe. Her team include dubbing mixers Pip Norton, Paul Langwade and Benje Noble; dubbingeditor Chris Nuttall; and5.1 DVD specialistAde Pressly. Breathe alsohas colourists, on-line specialists and off-line editors.

The launchfollows Strongroom owner Richard Boote'spurchase of George Martin's Air Studios.

Air and Strongroom Music as well as StrongroomHire and Management brands will remain the same.

"Ibelieve that bringing together our post production will allow our clients to benefitfrom an expanded and more varied pool of technological knowledge andexperience, a wider choice of highly creative and experienced operators andaccess to a much broader range of state of the art video and audiopost-production facilities," Boote said.