Screen casts its glance over the first official shot of Daniel Craig in Skyfall.


It may be 267 days until we see the final product, but this morning saw the release of the first official shot of the 23rd Bond film Skyfall.

The shot sees Daniel Craig - in his third outing as James Bond - hiding in the shadows (hard to do in a garishly neon location) sporting some impressively manly stubble and brandishing his trusty PPK.

What can we deduce from the shot? Not a lot really, aside from the fact that Skyfall seems to be keeping with the grittier style of Craig’s Bond and that his Bond will be as moodily handsome as ever; the kind of man women want to be with, but also the kind of man men won’t be afraid to admit to having a man crush on - the only way a Bond is meant to be.

Skyfall opens in the UK on Oct 26.